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Leeds prominent author Peter Robinson

Best-selling author and Leeds graduate Peter Robinson

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Helen F Rappaport 27/04/2017  
Name: Helen Rappaport
Degree: Russian 1970
Description: Author
Louise Doughty 16/01/2017  
Name: Louise Doughty
Degree: English 1984
Description: Novelist
Anna Jacobs 31/08/2012  
Name: Anna Jacobs
Degree: General Studies 1962
Description: Author of over 70 historical and modern novels
Jacqueline C Fleming 25/05/2016  
Name: Jacky Fleming
Degree: Fine Art 1978
Description: Cartoonist and illustrator
Michael F Bartlett 13/04/2015  
Name: Mike Bartlett
Degree: English & Theatre Studies 2002
Description: Playwright; director, Olivier award winner;
Jeremy R Dyson 30/07/2012  
Name: Jeremy Dyson
Degree: Philosophy 1989
Description: Novelist; scriptwriter; screenwriter; BAFTA nominated
Peter J Morgan 31/08/2012  
Name: Peter Morgan
Degree: History of Art 1985
Description: Oscar-nominated screenwriter
Christopher R Pilling 10/05/2016  
Name: Christopher Pilling
Degree: English 1957
Description: Playwright; author; translator
Peter Bowker 30/11/2015  
Name: Peter Bowker
Degree: English Literature and Philosophy 1981
Description: Playwright; screenwriter
Peter Robinson 02/10/2012  
Name: Peter Robinson
Degree: BA English 1974, Honorary DLitt 2009
Description: Internationally award-winning author
Ngugi wa Thiong'o 31/08/2012  
Name: Ngugi wa Thiong'o
Degree: English 1967 ND, Honorary DLitt 2004
Description: Novelist; playwright; critic; winner, UNESCO prize
Michael J Asher 30/07/2012  
Name: Michael Asher FRSL
Degree: English 1977
Description: Desert explorer; author
Frances M Bissell 30/07/2012  
Name: Frances Bissell
Degree: French 1970
Description: Food and cookery writer
Robert I Duhig 30/07/2012  
Name: Ian Duhig
Degree: English and History of Art 1977
Description: Poet; winner National Poetry Competition
Tony W Harrison 30/07/2012  
Name: Tony Harrison
Degree: Latin and Linguistics 1958, DLitt 2004
Description: Poet, The Loiners; winner, Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize
David G Hessayon 31/08/2012  
Name: David Hessayon OBE
Degree: Botany 1950, Honorary DSc 2008
Description: Author, gardening "Expert" books
Gervase R Phinn 31/08/2012  
Name: Gervase Phinn
Degree: Education 1970
Description: Author
Akinwande O Soyinka 31/08/2012  
Name: Wole Soyinka
Degree: English 1957, Honorary DLitt 1973
Description: Playwright; novelist; winner, Nobel Prize for Literature
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