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Why alumni volunteers are important

Why alumni volunteers are important

Alumni volunteering provides students with a unique opportunity to speak to Leeds graduates who can develop their employability skills by giving them expert industry advice, insight and experiences. Students are able to relate to alumni as they were once in the same position, they aspire to forge the same successful careers and learn more about what they could go on to do with their degrees.

As our alumni have gone on to a huge range of different careers and successes, they showcase the broad variety of options available to graduates with a degree from the University of Leeds.

Alumni are important as they:

  • Can understand the full benefits of studying at the University of Leeds both as a student and also beyond
  • Inspire current students towards success in the future
  • Maintain their relationship to Leeds and add to the thriving alumni community
  • Encourage students to make the most of the University, both as a student and when they become alumni themselves
  • Promote the whole University experience to prospective students and provide a clear picture of what to expect from studying at Leeds

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