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Why I volunteer on campus

Susan Paul is part of the Business School’s Leaders in Residence programme in which industry leaders return to campus a few times a year to speak to current students.

“I love coming here. About four times a year I take the time out of my diary and rearrange my schedules to be able to come to these events, because I get a huge amount out of talking to the students. I get invigorated again and reminded about why I do what I do and what is brilliant about being a leader of an organisation. I also get to reflect on how far I’ve come. I walk around the university and I think about the shy wallflower I was and who I am now 30 years later. So you can do anything that you want to, provided you have the right support structure.

The events themselves are a fantastic opportunity to meet some very bright, very committed, very lovely people, they are all people who give their time for free, they come and they give back to society. That is what I see it as, giving back to society, paying back what I’ve had. Nobody gets to be who they are in the world without somebody supporting them, and if I can do a little bit of that then that’s fantastic.”

Susan Paul (Genetics and Microbiology, 1985)

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