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Volunteer on campus

Volunteer on campus

Coming back to campus to speak to current students is a great excuse to revisit the University and past memories. Many events take place throughout the year which bring alumni and students of Leeds together not only to share advice, but also their love for the University.

Careers events

Alumni are crucial to the many successful careers events which take place across campus. There are a huge variety of events, including alumni networking afternoons, skills workshops, as well as careers days with panels and speakers.

Students in every faculty relish the opportunity to meet and speak to alumni to gain exclusive industry insight and expand their networks. As a Leeds graduate, you are important in showcasing how successful the graduates from the University can be, and students appreciate speaking to people who were once in their shoes.

If you are interested in finding out which events you could get involved with, please contact Alumni Volunteering.

Guest lecture

If you have a particular subject you are especially passionate or knowledgeable about, why not return to give a guest lecture? This can be academically focussed and incorporated into a course module, or it can be based around employability and your industry expertise.

Several departments run weekly alumni lectures which are a fantastic opportunity to return and speak directly to a large group of students at once.

To find out if there is a need for a talk relating to your subject area, please contact Alumni Volunteering.

Open days

Alumni are invaluable advocates of the University for prospective students at open days. They're a great opportunity to share your memories of Leeds and explain how the University has helped you with your career.

If you would like to help at an open day, please contact Alumni Volunteering.

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