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Michael McKenna, without doubt, put his full effort in advising and explaining the world of business and opportunities during and after university studies. I am also grateful for his interest in me and being truthful about how buisinesses and networking works.

Mini Mentoring with Michael McKenna

Support a student

In the last year alone, over 400 alumni have dontated their time to help support a student through mentoring.


Mini Mentoring Sessions with Michael McKenna

Alum Michael McKenna (French and Linguistics, 1997) returned to campus in November 2017 to provide some guidance and advice to a few of our aspiring lawyers.


  • Mini Mentoring with Michael McKenna
    "It was genuinely refreshing to speak to someone, who despite holding a very senior role, was still so approachable and showed real interest in helping others progress professionally."
  • Mini Mentoring with Michael McKenna
    "I would like to say thank you to Michael. He is respected and admired by many. The fact that he took his time out of what I presume is a very busy schedule to have a chat with future aspiring Lawyers is commended."
  • Mini Mentoring with Michael McKenna
    "I knew it would be useful to talk to someone who has experience in the legal system as I have had limited access to speak to professionals so far."

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