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Why I am a Leeds Network Member

Samuel Hyginus joined the Leeds Network in 2016 and has since been able to advise students who are interested in entering his industry. The Leeds Network is an online platform which enables alumni to communicate with students wherever they are in the world.

“At the outset, I am proud to be an alumni of the University of Leeds. Moreover, I have personally experienced the respect and honour extended by reputed companies and colleagues for being a graduate from the University of Leeds. This is one of the reasons I am delighted to be a part of the Leeds Network and offer my spare time to encourage young students who are aspiring to be the best future engineers.

Being an alumnus, I have gone through the entire process of studying, graduating and securing a job in the engineering sector. I believe this could help and direct someone who needs career guidance."

Samuel Hyginus (Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems, 2014)

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