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Satellites help discover a jet stream in the Earth’s core

A jet stream within the Earth’s molten iron core has been discovered by Leeds scientists using the latest satellite data that helps create an ‘x-ray’ view of the planet.

Baby born thanks to Leeds research

The first woman to have an ovary frozen before the onset of puberty has given birth to a baby boy, thanks to pioneering Leeds research. Moaza Al Matrooshi, now 24, had her ovarian tissue frozen when she was a child by Professor Helen Picton, Head of the Division of Reproduction and Early Development at Leeds.

Medical misunderstanding

Women taking tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer may be stopping their treatment because of a mistaken belief it is causing certain side-effects, according to an analysis of data by the University of Leeds and Queen Mary University of London.

Disney expectations

New research from the universities of Leeds, Bradford and Durham has suggested that Disney films are helping to shape expectations about work and organisation in young girls and indirectly preparing them for adult experiences of working life.

Computer gaming simulates field trips

A tool that uses computer gaming to simulate field trips has won a prestigious Times Higher Education award.
Students on courses with a Geology element can use the tool developed by the Virtual Landscapes team at the University of Leeds and Leeds College of Art to help them to prepare for field work.

Virus could help fight liver cancer

A virus that causes childhood coughs and colds could help in the fight against  liver cancer, according to Leeds research. Scientists found that the reovirus stimulates the body’s own immune system to kill off the cancerous cells and could also be used to treat hepatitis C.

Leeds tackles antibiotic resistance

Leeds research is tackling antibiotic resistance, as the University marks the World Health Organization (WHO) World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Leeds' expertise showcased at Indian Tech Summit

Four professors from Leeds are in India this week at its Government-backed Tech Summit to explain the University's world-leading research, which is relevant for the Indian government's plans for its own research and development work.

Researchers uncover origin of atmospheric particles

Leeds scientists have solved one of the most long-standing challenges in atmospheric science: to understand how particles are formed in the atmosphere. The research paper, published in the journal Science, details the first computer simulation of atmospheric particle formation that is based entirely on experimental data

Leeds launches Institute for Teaching Excellence

The University has launched a £3.5 million institute to inspire new ideas and practices in teaching. The Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence aims to support a pioneering, international community for research and debate.

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