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Prominent alumni - Sport

Leeds prominent triathletes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee with Olympic medals

Which famous sports stars went to Leeds?

Triathlon winners, the Brownlee brothers

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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Paul J Blanchard 15/03/2018  
Name: Paul Blanchard
Degree: Economics and Econometrics 1986
Description: Chief Executive at Commonwealth Games England
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Claire Cashmore 03/10/2012  
Name: Claire Cashmore
Degree: Linguistics and Phonetics 2011, Hon LLD 2013
Description: Medal-winning swimmer, 2012 Paralympic Games, gold medallist Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Grace E Clough 27/11/2017  
Name: Grace Clough MBE
Degree: Sociology 2013, Hon LLD 2017
Description: Paraolympic rower
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jodie L Cunningham 21/03/2017  
Name: Jodie Cunningham
Degree: Medical Sciences 2013
Description: Co-captain, St Helen's rugby league team; vice-captain England women's rugby league 2017
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Karen E Darke 03/10/2012  
Name: Karen Darke
Degree: Chemistry and Geological Science 1992, Hon LLD 2017
Description: Hand cyclist, medal-winning champion paratriathlete 2014, silver medal London 2012 paralympics, gold medallist 2016 paralympics
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Bethan L Davies 07/10/2019  
Name: Bethan Davies
Degree: Neuroscience 2013
Description: Bronze medallist, 20km race walk, 2018 Commonwealth Games
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Johnny M Grave 17/01/2017  
Name: Johnny Grave
Degree: Geography and Management Studies 1998
Description: CEO of West Indies Cricket Board
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nicholas R Gubbins 28/09/2016  
Name: Nick Gubbins
Degree: Geography 2015
Description: Professional cricket player, Middlesex and Leeds/Bradford MCCU
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Natalie S Haythornthwaite 07/10/2019  
Name: Natalie Haythornthwaite
Degree: Linguistics and Phonetics 2014
Description: England netball player; team winner, Sports Personality of the Year 2018
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Steven A Patterson 31/08/2012  
Name: Steve Patterson
Degree: Mathematics 2005
Description: Professional cricket player, Yorkshire
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Toby Roland-Jones 07/10/2019  
Name: Toby Roland-Jones
Degree: Accounting and Management 2007
Description: Professional cricket player, Middlesex
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jacob M Rowan 23/07/2014  
Name: Jacob Rowan
Degree: Chemistry 2011
Description: Former professional rugby union player; General Manager, Kowloon Rugby Club, Hong Kong
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Laura K Sugar 07/10/2019  
Name: Laura Sugar
Degree: Sport and Exercise Science 2012
Description: Paralympic sprinter; former captain, Wales under-20s hockey team
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Katherine S O'Sullivan 18/06/2018  
Name: Kate O'Sullivan
Degree: Mineral Engineering 1985
Description: Deputy Chair of British Rowing
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Joshua E Warrington 31/05/2018  
Name: Josh Warrington
Degree: Dental Technology 2013
Description: Professional boxer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Johnny P Mowlem 10/05/2018  
Name: Johnny Mowlem
Degree: Geography and Spanish 1988
Description: Professional racing driver
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alice N Davidson-Richards 23/04/2018  
Name: Alice Davidson-Richards
Degree: Human Physiology 2015
Description: England women's cricket player
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Tomas W Francis 10/05/2017  
Name: Tom Francis
Degree: Mechanical Engineering 2013
Description: Welsh rugby union player

LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alexander J Lozowski 07/10/2016  
Name: Alex Lozowski
Degree: Economics 2014
Description: England rugby elite squad member
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alistair Brownlee 31/08/2012  
Name: Alistair Brownlee MBE
Degree: Sports Science and Physiology 2009, LLD 2013
Description: Current Olympic, European and Commonwealth triathlon champion, gold medal Rio 2016
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