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Prominent alumni - Science and technology

Nigel Smith at underground astrophysics laboratory

Here's a small sample of the notable people in science and technology that went to Leeds.


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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Geoffrey A Boxshall 07/10/2019  
Name: Geoffrey Boxshall
Degree: Zoology 1971, PhD 1974
Description: Zoologist, Natural History Museum
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alice M Bunn 07/10/2019  
Name: Alice Bunn
Degree: Metallurgy 1995
Description: International Director, UK Space Agency
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Paul Collier 07/10/2019  
Name: Paul Collier
Degree: Physics 1982
Description: Head of Beams, CERN
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Patrick E Kniveton 22/07/2013  
Name: Patrick Kniveton
Degree: Mechanical Engineering 1976
Description: Head of Engineering Skills & Knowledge Management, Rolls-Royce Marine Power
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