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Panut Hadisiswoyo

Leeds alumni in public service

Panut Hadisiswoyo (MA Communication Studies 2004), Director of the Orangutan Information Center

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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Helen M Rafferty 07/04/2021  
Name: Helen Rafferty
Degree: Environmental Chemistry 2000
Description: Chief Executive, SHINE: Support and Help in Education
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Caroline D Anstey 03/10/2019  
Name: Caroline Anstey
Degree: International History and Politics 1977
Description: President, Chief Executive Officer, Pact
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Isaac Maigua 04/09/2020  
Name: Isaac Maigua
Degree: MA Social and Public Policy 2012
Description: Board Member, Global Albinism Alliance; Senator, Kenya
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Adanna I Enwezor 31/05/2019  
Name: Adanna Enwezor
Degree: MA Global Development 2011
Description: Managing Director, Photizo Life Foundation; Founder, African Hair Summit
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Olorunimbe A Olukoshi 18/08/2020  
Name: Adebayo Olukoshi
Degree: PhD Political Studies 1986
Description: Director for Africa and West Asia, Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Fatima O Ademoh 07/10/2019  
Name: Fatima Ademoh
Degree: MSc Financial Risk Management 2013
Description: Private Sector Investment, OPEC
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jonathan W Chatterton 31/05/2019  
Name: Johnny Chatterton
Degree: Economics and Geography 2007
Description: Executive Director, Campaign Bootcamp; Winner, Obama Foundation Fellowship
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jamie Crummie 11/08/2020  
Name: Jamie Crummie
Degree: Law 2014
Description: Co-founder and Director, Too Good To Go
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jeeja Ghosh 03/10/2019  
Name: Jeeja Ghosh
Degree: MA Disability Studies 2006
Description: Head of Advocacy and Disability Studies, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy; Disability rights campaigner
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Patrick J Grant 03/10/2019  
Name: Patrick Grant
Degree: Materials Science and Engineering 1995
Description: Campaigner for sustainable fashion; Presenter, The Great British Sewing Bee; Director, Community Clothing, Norton & Sons, E. Tautz, Hammond & Co, Cookson & Clegg
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ilse R Howling 29/08/2012  
Name: Ilse Howling
Degree: International History and Politics 1987
Description: Chairman, UNICEF UK; Chairman, Education Development Trust
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Edward D Kessler 03/10/2019  
Name: Edward Kessler MBE
Degree: Hebrew and Religious Studies 1985
Description: Founder Director, the Woolf Institute
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Rebecca A Klein 03/10/2019  
Name: Rebecca Klein
Degree: Zoology 1995
Description: Executive Director, Cheetah Conservation Botswana
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alison N Lowe 07/10/2019  
Name: Alison Lowe
Degree: History 1990, MA Medieval Studies 1993
Description: Chief Executive, Touchstone
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Florence Ndagire 03/10/2019  
Name: Florence Ndagire
Degree: LLM International and European Human Rights Law, 2014
Description: Lawyer; Human Rights Policy Advisor, World Blind Union
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Panut Hadisiswoyo 31/05/2019  
Name: Panut Hadisiswoyo
Degree: Ma Communication Studies 2003
Description: Founding Director, Orangutan Information Centre, Indonesia
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Peter T Wanless 11/07/2013  
Name: Peter Wanless
Degree: International History and Politics 1986
Description: Chief Executive, NSPCC
List has 17 notes on 1 page

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