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Who studied here - Production and screenwriting

Tom Watt-Smith

Leeds alumni in production and screenwriting

Filmmaker Tom Watt-Smith  (Geography 2001)

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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Katharine Rudd 17/08/2020  
Name: Katy Rudd
Degree: Theatre and Performance 2009
Description: Director, National Theatre; Associate Artist, Elliott Harper Productions; Baylis Director, The Old Vic Theatre
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Bartlett B Sher 17/08/2020  
Name: Bartlett Sher
Degree: Theatre Studies 1987
Description: Resident Director, Lincoln Centre Theatre; Winner, Tony Award
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Oluwafemi Elufowoju 03/10/2019  
Name: Femi Elufowoju Jr
Degree: Dramatic Arts 1990
Description: Actor; Director
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Simon D Glass 03/10/2019  
Name: Simon Glass
Degree: Cinema, Photography and Television 2007
Description: Creative Director, Neopolitan Pictures
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent John H Godber 03/10/2019  
Name: John Godber OBE
Degree: MA English 1979
Description: Playwright, The John Godber Company
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Moin W Hussain 03/10/2019  
Name: Moin Hussain
Degree: Cinema and Photography 2013
Description: Screenwriter; Director
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Omar Y Madha 29/08/2012  
Name: Omar Madha
Degree: English 1990
Description: Television Director; Producer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kay Mellor 25/01/2018  
Name: Kay Mellor OBE
Degree: Drama 1983
Description: Scriptwriter, Fat Friends, The Syndicate; Director; Actor
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Peter J Morgan 31/08/2012  
Name: Peter Morgan CBE
Degree: History of Art 1985, Hon DLitt 2016
Description: Screenwriter, Producer, The Crown; Story Writer, Bohemian Rhapsody; Oscar, Emmy nominee
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Benjamin A Roberts 18/11/2014  
Name: Ben Roberts
Degree: English 1997
Description: Chief Executive Officer, British Film Institute
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Benjamin Winston 29/08/2012  
Name: Ben Winston
Degree: Broadcasting Studies 2004
Description: Director, Producer, The Late Late Show with James Corden
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Michael F Bartlett 13/04/2015  
Name: Mike Bartlett
Degree: English and Theatre Studies 2002
Description: Screenwriter, Doctor Foster, Sticks and Stones; Playwright, King Charles III
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Christopher A Clough 03/10/2019  
Name: Chris Clough
Degree: English 1974
Description: Producer, World on Fire, Skins, Lucky Man
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Neil C Cross 11/01/2018  
Name: Neil Cross
Degree: English and Theology 1994, MA English 1995
Description: Creator, Producer, Writer, Luther, Hard Sun; Novelist
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kwadjo Dajan 16/05/2014  
Name: Kwadjo Dajan
Degree: Communications Studies 2000
Description: Producer, Little Boy Blue, Cilla; Chief Executive Officer, Sugar Films
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jeremy R Dyson 30/07/2012  
Name: Jeremy Dyson
Degree: Philosophy 1989
Description: Screenwriter, Producer, The League of Gentlemen; Author
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jane E Featherstone 30/05/2018  
Name: Jane Featherstone
Degree: German and History 1991, DLitt 2019
Description: Producer, Chernobyl, Spooks, Life on Mars; Founder, Chief Executive, Sister Pictures
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kathryn R Richardson 04/10/2019  
Name: Katy Richardson
Degree: Music 2014
Description: Musical Director, West End
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Tom P Watt-Smith 23/07/2019  
Name: Tom Watt-Smith
Degree: Geography 2001
Description: Head of Factual, Lion Television
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Timothy D Glass 31/08/2012  
Name: Tim Glass
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 2001
Description: Formula One Producer, Sky
List has 20 notes on 1 page

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