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Leeds prominent musician Corinne Bailey Rae

Leeds alumni in the music industry

Corinne Bailey Rae (English Language and Literature 2000, Honorary DMus 2011), singer, songwriter, Grammy winner

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Barbara V Jungr 16/04/2013  
Name: Barb Jungr
Degree: Botany 1975
Description: Jazz Singer; multi-award winner
Jamie A Lambert 04/10/2019  
Name: Jamie Lambert
Degree: Spanish 2012
Description: Singer, Collabro, winners, Britain's Got Talent 2014; Chief Executive Officer, Lambert Jackson Productions
Bill Laurance 31/01/2014  
Name: Bill Laurance
Degree: Music 2003
Description: Jazz Artist, Snarky Puppy; Grammy winner
Joe J Newman 24/06/2015  
Name: Joe Newman
Degree: Fine Art 2010
Description: Guitarist and lead vocalist, Alt-J; band also comprises Thom Green (Fine Art 2010), Gus Unger-Hamilton (English Language and Literature 2010)
Kathryn R Richardson 04/10/2019  
Name: Katy Richardson
Degree: Music 2014
Description: Musical Director, West End
Laura M Bangay 04/10/2019  
Name: Laura Bangay
Degree: Music 2003
Description: Musical Director; Musician
Bill S Bruford 30/07/2012  
Name: Bill Bruford
Degree: Economics and Sociology ND 1968
Description: Former drummer, Yes; Composer; Producer;
Ilan H Eshkeri 30/07/2012  
Name: Ilan Eshkeri
Degree: English and Music 1999
Description: Composer, film scores; Songwriter, Conductor
Rolfe R Kent 31/08/2012  
Name: Rolfe Kent
Degree: Psychology 1986
Description: Composer, film scores
Jonathan M King 02/10/2012  
Name: Jon King
Degree: Fine Art 1978
Description: Singer, Gang of Four; band included Hugo Burnham (English 1978) and Andy Gill (Fine Art 1979)
David J Kramer 31/08/2012  
Name: David Kramer
Degree: Textile Design 1974
Description: Musician; Director; Playwright; winner, Olivier Award
Benjamin Mount 31/08/2012  
Name: Ben Mount
Degree: History of Art ND 1998
Description: AKA Verse, Ben Verse; Rapper; Producer; Owner, Crunch Recordings; former MC, Pendulum
Jonathan T Scratchley 24/06/2015  
Name: Jonathan Scratchley
Degree: Music Theatre 2006
Description: Vocals, Gentleman's Dub Club; band also comprises Toby Davies (English Language and Literature 2007), Niall Lavelle (French 2008) and Harry Devenish (Management and Psychology 2006)
Deborah A Hanna 24/06/2015  
Name: Debbie Hanna
Degree: Music 1998
Description: Singer, Megson
Lina E Jonsson 04/10/2019  
Name: Lina Jonsson
Degree: MPhys 2013
Description: Techno DJ aka SPFDJ; Manager, Intrepid Skin record label
Andrew Barnabas 04/10/2019  
Name: Andrew Barnabas
Degree: Popular Music Studies 1995
Description: Composer, film, TV, video games
Simon Rix 31/08/2012  
Name: Simon Rix
Degree: Geography and Mathematics 2000
Description: Bassist, Kaiser Chiefs
Daniel C Smith 23/01/2014  
Name: Dan Smith
Degree: English Language and Literature 2007
Description: Singer, Bastille
Christopher Haskett 31/08/2012  
Name: Chris Haskett
Degree: Philosophy 1984
Description: Guitarist, formerly Rollins Band
Thomas W Fleming 24/06/2015  
Name: Thomas Fleming
Degree: English 2007
Description: Bassist, Wild Beasts
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