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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kamran A Abbasi 17/12/2021  
Name: Kamran Abassi
Degree: Medicine 1993
Description: Editor in Chief, The BMJ
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Clive J Dix 30/08/2012  
Name: Clive Dix
Degree: Pharmacology 1976, PhD 1982
Description: Chairman, C4X Discovery; Chairman, Touchlight Genetics
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ben J Osborn 27/04/2021  
Name: Ben Osborn
Degree: Sports Science & Physiology 1998
Description: Managing Director, Pfizer UK
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Andrew W Jones 18/08/2020  
Name: Andrew Jones
Degree: Medicine 1997
Description: Chief Executive Officer, Ramsay Health Care
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Yvonne L Greenstreet 18/05/2016  
Name: Yvonne Greenstreet
Degree: Medicine 1985
Description: President, Chief Operating Officer, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Howard R Morris 19/08/2020  
Name: Howard Morris FRS
Degree: Chemistry & Mathematics, Biophysics 1971, Hon DSc 2015
Description: Chairman and CSO, BioPharmaSpec

LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Mark R Fielding 18/08/2020  
Name: Mark Fielding
Degree: PhD Organic Synthetic Chemistry 2000
Description: Associate Principal Scientist, Global Medicines Development, Astrazeneca
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Simon G Long 18/08/2020  
Name: Simon Long
Degree: Medicine 1985
Description: Head of Medical Affairs, Chugai Pharma Europe
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Hugo Mascie-Taylor 18/08/2020  
Name: Hugo Mascie-Taylor
Degree: Medicine 1974
Description: United Kingdom Executive Medical Director, EY
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Tina Mirzamohammadbonakdar 18/08/2020  
Name: Tina Bonakdar
Degree: PhD Chemical Engineering 2016
Description: Senior Scientist, Pfizer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Divyen H Patel 18/08/2020  
Name: Divyen Patel
Degree: PhD Medicine 1992
Description: Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Genome Explorations
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nicholas J Edmunds 05/08/2020  
Name: Nick Edmunds
Degree: Pharmacology 1995
Description: Chief Technical Officer, Mission Therapeutics
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Pradeep K Jaisingh 30/08/2012  
Name: Pradeep Jaisingh
Degree: Management ND 1998
Description: Managing Director, International Oncology; Founding Chairman, HealthStart
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Virgil C Jordan 30/08/2012  
Name: Craig Jordan CMG, OBE
Degree: BSc Pharmacy and Pharmacology 1969, DSc 1985, PhD 1973, Honorary DMed 2001
Description: Developed breast cancer drug tamoxifen; Professor of Breast Medical Oncology, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Oncology, University of Texas
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nicholas B Lydon 08/10/2012  
Name: Nicholas Lydon FRS
Degree: Biochemistry and Zoology 1978
Description: Developed Gleevec (Imatinib) for chronic myeloid leukaemia; Scientific founder, Blueprint Medicines; Founder, Granite Biopharma
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Timothy M Robinson 14/04/2015  
Name: Tim Robinson CBE
Degree: Physiology 1984
Description: Chief Executive Officer, LGC Group
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Iain W Mattaj 30/08/2012  
Name: Iain Mattaj FRS
Degree: PhD Genetics 1980, Hon DSc 2018
Description: Director, Human Technopole
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Paul Workman 10/03/2014  
Name: Paul Workman
Degree: PhD Medicine 1977, Hon DSc 2017
Description: Chief Executive, President, Institute of Cancer Research
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Dominic P Behan 22/08/2013  
Name: Dominic Behan
Degree: Biochemistry 1986
Description: CEO, Sentia Medical Sciences Inc
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Josep Figueras 07/10/2019  
Name: Josep Figueras
Degree: Public Health 1988
Description: Director, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
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