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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Judith A Holder 29/06/2020  
Name: Judith Holder
Degree: English 1976
Description: Podcast host, Older and Wider, tv producer, comedy writer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alice E Levine 06/03/2013  
Name: Alice Levine
Degree: English Language 2008 / James Cooper History 2008 / Jamie Morton Communication Studies 2008
Description: Presenter, BBC radio 1, part of "My Dad Wrote a Porno" with Jamie Morton (Communications Studies 2008) and James Cooper (History 2008)
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jane L Arthy 04/10/2019  
Name: Jane Arthy
Degree: English and Sociology 2000
Description: Vice President, Warner Bros radio
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Paul A Bromley 04/10/2019  
Name: Paul Bromley
Degree: English 1984
Description: Editor, On-Screen Information, Sky News
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Morgan T Crawford 04/10/2019  
Name: Morgan Crawford
Degree: French and Philosophy 2017
Description: Vegan influencer @morgancrawf
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Thomas B Green 04/10/2019  
Name: Tom Green
Degree: International Business 2015
Description: Presenter, Kiss FM
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Elizabeth Hadfield 04/10/2019  
Name: Lizzy Hadfield
Degree: History of Art 2015
Description: Fashion blogger, YouTuber, model, Instagram influencer @shotfromthestreet
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Lina E Jonsson 04/10/2019  
Name: Lina Jonsson
Degree: MPhys 2013
Description: Techno DJ known SPFDJ; Manager, Intrepid Skin record label
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Christopher I Martin 04/10/2019  
Name: Chris Martin
Degree: History 2004
Description: DJ, Absolute Radio
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Joseph C Mason 04/10/2019  
Name: Joe Mason
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 2014
Description: Social media presenter, Eurovison; vlogger @joemasontv
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kimberley Rowell 04/10/2019  
Name: Kimberley Rowell
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 2006
Description: Assistant Editor, BBC Stories (Digital Current Affairs)
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Munawar Shaikh 04/10/2019  
Name: Mim Shaikh
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 2012
Description: Presenter BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network; YouTuber
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Emma J Sheldon 04/10/2019  
Name: Emma Sheldon
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 2016
Description: Fitness and fashion influencer @emshelx
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Millie J Smith 04/10/2019  
Name: Millie Smith
Degree: Fashion Design 2020
Description: Fashion influencer, designer @milliejanesmith
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alex Solomou 04/10/2019  
Name: Alex Solomou
Degree: Management 2013
Description: Founder, The Lad Bible
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Pandora I Sykes 04/10/2019  
Name: Pandora Sykes
Degree: English Literature and Language 2009
Description: Journalist; podcast host The High Low
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ye Ye 31/05/2019  
Name: Ye Ye
Degree: MA Diversity Management 2011
Description: YouTube and television presenter of "Cooking with Ye Ye"
List has 17 notes on 1 page

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