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Prominent alumni - Art and design

Leeds graduate Tim Allen

Prominent Leeds alumni in art and design.

Tim Allen (Zoology 1992), photographer

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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Timothy J Allen 04/10/2019  
Name: Timothy Allen
Degree: Zoology 1992
Description: Photographer and filmmaker
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent John Elderfield 04/10/2019  
Name: John Elderfield
Degree: Fine Art 1966, MPhil 1970, Hon DLitt 2006
Description: Chief Curator Emeritus of Painting and Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, New York.; curator, Princeton University Art Museum
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Lauren A Darn 03/10/2019  
Name: Lauren Darn
Degree: Cinema & Photography 2017
Description: Wildlife and environmental photographer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Sophie G Ashby 04/10/2019  
Name: Sophie Ashby
Degree: History of Art 2010
Description: Residential and commercial interior designer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Steven W Bell 30/08/2012  
Name: Steve Bell
Degree: Fine Art 1974, Hon DLitt 2007
Description: Political cartoonist, The Guardian
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Emma L Biggs 04/10/2019  
Name: Emma Biggs
Degree: Fine Art 1980
Description: Mosaic artist
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Charlotte K Heley 04/10/2019  
Name: Charlotte Heley
Degree: Fashion Design 2018
Description: Menswear designer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Willem J Jaspert 04/10/2019  
Name: Willem Jaspert
Degree: Ibero American Studies 1999
Description: Fashion photographer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Marcus J Lyon 04/10/2019  
Name: Marcus Lyon
Degree: Political Studies 1987
Description: Photographer and artist
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Sara A MacKillop 04/10/2019  
Name: Sara Mackillop
Degree: Fine Art 1996
Description: Artist
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Rosalind S McKever 04/10/2019  
Name: Rosalind McKever
Degree: History of Art 2005
Description: Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Henry Mee 04/10/2019  
Name: Henry Mee
Degree: Fine Art 1979
Description: Portrait painter, subjects include Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson and Her Majesty The Queen
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Elizabeth M Price 04/10/2019  
Name: Elizabeth Price
Degree: PhD Fine Art 1999
Description: Artist; winner, Turner Prize 2012
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Paula S Pryke 04/10/2019  
Name: Paula Pryke
Degree: Education 1983
Description: World-renowed florist and author
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Peter G Rees 04/10/2019  
Name: Peter Rees
Degree: English/Religious Studies 1994
Description: Director and Head of Sale, Bonhams Victorian and 19th Century European Art Department
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Olivia S Von Halle 04/10/2019  
Name: Olivia Von Halle
Degree: Textile and Fashion Management 2007
Description: Fashion designer specialising in silk loungewear
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kipper C Williams 04/10/2019  
Name: Kipper Williams
Degree: Fine Art 1974
Description: Cartoonist, The Guardian
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jacqueline C Fleming 25/05/2016  
Name: Jacky Fleming
Degree: Fine Art 1978
Description: Cartoonist and illustrator
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ben N Ib 06/03/2013  
Name: Ben Ib
Degree: Fine Art 1997
Description: Music and television video director; clients include Paul McCartney, Madonna, Robbie Williams
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