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Charity award

Liz Margree (Theology and Geography 1995) and Jon Spooner (English Language and Literature 1996) accept a national award on behalf of the Unlimited Theatre Company.

"I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my time at Leeds (or even those who wished they didn't), especially those from Garstang Flats in 1974-75."

Lawrence Potter, Russian Studies 1975
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Alumni news
Traumatic times

Acclaimed TV and theatre writer Mike Bartlett (English & Theatre Studies 2002) returns to the screens this month with new drama, Trauma.

New tour for podcast

Three alumni, Alice Levine (English Language 2008), Jamie Morton (Communications Studies 2008) and James Cooper (History 2008), are taking their popular podcast "My Dad Wrote a Porno" on tour.

Ministerial role for Ronald

Ronald Pickup (English 1962) stars as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in blockbuster film, Darkest Hour

Sir Lawrence Byford (1925-2018)

Sir Lawrence Byford (Law 1956) has passed away. He was 92. 

New models give insight into the heart of the Rosette Nebula

New research led by Leeds offers an explanation for the discrepancy between the size and age of the Rosetta Nebula’s central cavity and that of its central stars.

Finance award shortlist

Rakesh Sinha (Chemical Engineering 1991), the Chief Financial Officer at PureCircle, was shortlisted in the Finance Director of the Year category at the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards.

Arthritis research making strides forward

Leeds scientists are investigating whether amateur athletes are at a greater risk of developing potentially-disabling joint problems such as osteoarthritis. The research is funded by Arthritis Research UK.

High profile endorsement

Infinity Digital, a business founded by Beckie Coupe (Theology 2011) has  received endorsement from Jacqueline Gold CBE as a winner of the WOW awards.

Space to play

East African Playgrounds is the brain child of two Leeds alumni, Carla Powell (Education 2009) and Tom Gill (Social Policy 2010). The pair met as students and have created over 225 playgrounds in Uganda.

Mimicking human driving in autonomous vehicles

Leeds researchers are contributing to a 30-month autonomous vehicle project that will culminate in the most complex journey yet attempted across the UK without driver input.

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