Charity award

Liz Margree (Theology and Geography 1995) and Jon Spooner (English Language and Literature 1996) accept a national award on behalf of the Unlimited Theatre Company.

Alumni news
Brexit: Working together

Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands has issued an official response to the news that Article 50 will be passed.

Global warming endangering Great Barrier Reef

Coral researchers including two experts from the University of Leeds have recorded significant coral bleaching across the tropics and the Australian Great Barrier Reef due to increased sea temperatures

Eye on Asia photo competition

A lens-eye view of Asia is presented at an exhibition of photography in the Parkinson Court. Now in its 25th year, the Eye on Asia competition runs from Monday 13 to Thursday 23 March, when prizes will be presented to the winning photographers as part of a closing ceremony.

Male breast cancer discovery 'could improve treatment'

Two key proteins involved in male breast cancer have been identified by University of Leeds scientists, potentially paving the way for more effective treatments.

Film role for DJ graduate

Journalism alumnus Mim Shaikh (2012) stars in a new film, Two Pigeons. The world premiere takes place at the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. Mim has a regular slot on BBC Radio 1Xtra

Doing it for the Kids

Freelance graphic designer and busy mum Francesca Tortora (Music 2007) has launched Doing It For The Kids, an online community for the growing number of freelance parents juggling their job and their children.

How ancient peoples shaped the Amazon rainforest

New research from Leeds reveals that 85 tree species domesticated by pre-Colombian peoples remain common in forests close to ancient settlements. The results suggest that Amazonian forest species were therefore significantly influenced by humans.

Russia in Leeds

A new exhibition reveals the dramatic events of the Russian Revolution from a fresh, British perspective.
Caught in the Russian Revolution: the British Community in Petrograd, 1917-1918 is the latest exhibition at the University's Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery.

LGB experiences of cancer

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people tend to report having a poorer experience as a cancer patient than heterosexual people, according to a study. Researchers conducted a secondary analysis of the 2013 UK National Cancer Patient Experience Survey to investigate the responses of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people in particular.

A cure for the common cold

Recurrent coughs and sneezes could be a thing of the past, thanks to Leeds research. Scientists at the Universities of Leeds, York and Helsinki say they are a step closer to cracking the ‘Enigma code’ of the common cold virus.

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