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Liz Margree (Theology and Geography 1995) and Jon Spooner (English Language and Literature 1996) accept a national award on behalf of the Unlimited Theatre Company.

"I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my time at Leeds (or even those who wished they didn't), especially those from Garstang Flats in 1974-75."

Lawrence Potter, Russian Studies 1975
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Film festival showing for new documentary

A film produced by Cinema and Photography alumnus Nathan Minsberg (2013) has been selected to appear at two festivals. "Ginette", Nathan's first feature-length documentary, will be shown at the Berlin Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival (JFBB) and the Stockholm Independent Film Festival and tells the story of a woman's life journey spanning 90 years

Volcanic health issue

A new study led by Leeds scientists has found a previously undetected potential health risk from the high concentration of small particles found in the boomerang-like return of a volcanic plume.

New insights into how Zika causes microcephaly

Leeds' Professor Richard Bayliss from the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology has played a key role in new research showing that the Zika virus hijacks a human protein called Musashi-1 (MSI1) to allow it to replicate in, and kill, neural stem cells.

New volunteering app

Volunteering enthusiasts Gerard Savva (Graphic Design 2006) and Joseph Collier (Tissue Engineering 2016) have created a new app, Valla, to enable people to find volunteering opportunities near them. Valla works like a dating app, ensuring people find the perfect match through a GPS function

High rankings for Leeds

Leeds has moved up two places in this year's Guardian University Guide, retaining its position in the top 20.
The University also recently improved its position in the latest Complete University Guide and achieved a top five position in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey.  

Keith Bloomfield (1930-2017)

Keith Bloomfield, who graduated from Leeds in Geological Sciences (1951) has died.

Food science

Jon Prinz (Dental Surgery 1977) is a self-proclaimed custard expert. A food scientist working in Holland's Wageningen Centre for Food Research, Jon cooks up an array of interesting flavours and textures

Discovery of ‘hidden forests’

Leeds scientists have shown there is at least 9% more forest cover across the globe than was previously assumed. By using very high resolution satellite imagery available through the Google Earth, they found an additional 467 million hectares of forest in the world’s drylands – arid areas that cover 42% of the Earth’s land surface.

Marriage discrimination

A new study from the School of Geography has found that discrimination against same-sex couples denied religious marriage is endemic. Researchers found that same-sex couples are excluded from approximately 40,200 places of worship in which opposite-sex couples can get married.

Riding blind

Two Leeds alumni are attempting to smash the world record for the fastest tandem time from Lands End to John O'Groats. Keith Leddington and Graham Drew will be tacking the 920 mile journey together as Graham is blind, raising money for Guide Dogs.

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