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Liz Margree (Theology and Geography 1995) and Jon Spooner (English Language and Literature 1996) accept a national award on behalf of the Unlimited Theatre Company.

"I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my time at Leeds (or even those who wished they didn't), especially those from Garstang Flats in 1974-75."

Lawrence Potter, Russian Studies 1975
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Challenges of caring for disabled children

A quarter of parents of disabled children provide 100 hours of care a week – equivalent to three full-time jobs – according to new research from Leeds.

David Sims (1932-2017)

David Sims (Chemistry 1953, MSc Textiles 1955) has passed away following a short illness.

Bronze medal in European Duathlon

Josie Cram (Economics 2010) qualified for the European duathlon championships almost by accident, in her first even duathlon event, going on to get a bronze medal.

Single election broadcast influenced one third of viewers’ votes

The BBC’s Question Time Leaders’ Special may have swung more than a million people’s votes in June’s General Election, according to the first in-depth analysis of its effect on the poll by Leeds.

Leeds set to become a partner of The Alan Turing Institute

The University is set to become a partner of The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s prestigious national institute for data science. The work will be led by the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) with contributions from researchers and data scientists across the University.

Sleeping position linked to the risk of stillbirth

Pregnant women who go to sleep on their back during the later stages of pregnancy face an increased likelihood of suffering a stillbirth, according to new research.

Diabetic foot ulcers

The prognosis for people with an infected diabetic foot ulcer is worse than was previously thought, according to new Leeds research.

Building a tribute to Sir Bragg

The University is to name a key building in its £96m investment in engineering and physical sciences in honour of one of Leeds’ most influential scientists.
Sir William Henry Bragg won the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of X-ray crystallography.

Identifying a test to target cancer drug

Doctors are developing a more personalised approach to the treatment of bowel cancer, thanks to research which has found a way of screening tumours for their susceptibility to drug therapy.

Female-only sneaker store

Rosie Lyness (2012) is the founder of Second Store, the UK’s first female-only online sneaker store. French graduate Rosie named the shop after Simone de Beauvoir's seminal feminist text, the Second Sex and aims to subvert the bias towards men in the sneaker industry.

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