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How should we contact you?

The Leeds alumni team is your official connection to your university and your classmates

We use different ways to contact alumni when we have different kinds of information to give you, to ensure you’re kept up to date with Leeds and the alumni community. It means we can contact you with information or invitations relevant to you.

We recognise that you may want contact from us in specific ways.

You can select your communications preferences below.

Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Your full name (when studying)
2 * Your course title
3 * Your level of degree (e.g. BA, BSc, MA, PhD)
4 * Your year of graduation
5 I DO NOT wish to be emailed about

6 My preferred email address is:
7 I DO NOT wish to be mailed about

8 My preferred postal address is:
9 I DO NOT wish to receive telephone calls about

10 The best phone number to call me on is:
11 I would like to receive the annual alumni magazine
12 Text messaging

In future we may want to contact you via text messaging, or using services such as Whatsapp and WeChat.
13 Preferred mobile number:
14 If you have chosen not to receive the communications from the University of Leeds specified above, please can you tell us why this is?

By providing your email address, telephone number(s) and mailing address you are consenting to receive communications through those channels.

Our privacy policy explains how we use your data. Our Fundraising promise explains our commitment to you when you make a gift to Leeds.

Why do we contact you?

As a lifelong member of our alumni community, you will receive news about the University’s research, progress and alumni, opportunities to support our fundraising and our volunteering initiatives, and invitations to events and reunions.

Contacting you by email and phone enables us to learn in more detail about your experiences at the University of Leeds and as a Leeds graduate. This in turn helps us provide an alumni experience that is useful and engaging to you. It also keeps you involved in the development of your University. This helps the University maximise its impact, influence, and reputation, and to provide the best experience for our students.

Why do we need your mailing address?

As well as contacting you by post, your mailing address helps us invite you to relevant events in your area. If your mailing address is not where you spend most of your time (eg a parental address), you may miss out on an invitation to an event taking place near you.


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