A new-look Leeds Network

We are redeveloping the Leeds Network, and for autumn 2022 we plan to roll out a replacement resource that provides even more value to students seeking alumni support. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting Leeds students. Alumni, like you, support students in many ways through the Leeds Network – from answering questions about your career and your own journey that started at Leeds, to providing information through your profiles. You truly make a difference.

What's happening?

The Leeds Network has been an invaluable tool for students preparing for their careers and life after Leeds, but the current software platform is getting very old. We want to take this opportunity to replace it with a resource that provides even greater value, reaches a larger number of students, and enables more alumni to offer advice and experience in the most effective way.

You therefore can’t upload new or access existing alumni profiles at the moment, but there are plenty of other ways you can really help our next generation of graduates.

If you have any questions regarding an existing Leeds Network profile, take a look at our FAQs below.

Be the first to know

Complete this form to stay up to date with developments, and to receive an invite to take part in the new-look Leeds Network (members of the old system will receive this invite regardless).

And in the meantime, why wait? We have a range of other volunteering opportunities you can get involved in – explore our pages to find out more.

Your Leeds Network profile – FAQs

Where has my old profile gone?

The old Leeds Network will no longer be accessible to students or alumni as the system is being decomissioned. Whilst the decommission process takes place your profile will be securely stored on an internal University system.

Once the decommission is complete, your profile will be securely archived until January 2022, when it will be permanently deleted.

Will my profile be transferred into the new system?

Your old profile will not be transferred into the new system because:

  • We recognise it may be a few years old and potentially out of date
  • You might not want to join the new Leeds Network straight away
  • We are currently undertaking student and user feedback to make a replacement for the Leeds Network as valuable and effective as possible. Therefore, profiles may not necessarily exist in the same format as the old version.

One of the big improvements will be to make it much easier for alumni to create, upload and update their profiles on a future system. 

Instead of being automatically transferred to the new system, when the new Leeds Network is ready members of the old system will be invited to join.

Will I be able to view my old profile?

If you would like to see your old profile, please contact us and we will send you a link to access it. You will not be able to access it after January 2022 when it is permanently deleted.

If you have questions about the Leeds Network, please email alumnivolunteers@leeds.ac.uk

View our privacy notice here.