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Prominent alumni - Journalism

Prominent Leeds Student journalists

These notable journalists all studied at Leeds.

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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Tom P Watt-Smith 23/07/2019  
Name: Tom Watt-Smith
Degree: Geography 2001
Description: Film and documentary maker
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kamal Ahmed 15/04/2014  
Name: Kamal Ahmed
Degree: Political Studies 1990
Description: Editorial Director, BBC News Management Team
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jonathan M Champion 31/08/2012  
Name: Jon Champion
Degree: Communication Studies and Media 1988
Description: Football commentator ESPN
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Gavin W Esler 30/08/2012  
Name: Gavin Esler
Degree: MA Anglo-Irish Literature 1975
Description: Anchor, BBC Newsnight and News24 (previous); author, columnist, Chancellor of the University of Kent
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Timothy D Glass 31/08/2012  
Name: Tim Glass
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 2001
Description: Formula One Producer, Sky
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jacqueline A Oatley 31/08/2012  
Name: Jacqui Oatley MBE
Degree: German Language and Literature 1996
Description: Sports broadcaster, ITV
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Georgina J Ainslie 31/08/2012  
Name: Georgie Thompson
Degree: Broadcast Journalism 1999
Description: Presenter, Fox Sports (previous); BBC Five Live
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent James M Mates 30/08/2012  
Name: James Mates
Degree: International History and Politics 1983
Description: Senior correspondent and presenter, Europe editor, ITV
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nagalakshmi Munchetty 30/08/2012  
Name: Naga Munchetty
Degree: English 1997
Description: Presenter, BBC World, BBC Breakfast
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Paul N Dinsdale 20/11/2014  
Name: Paul Dinsdale
Degree: Modern Languages 1983
Description: Health and social affairs journalist, national newspapers and magazines
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Elizabeth A Wiener 30/08/2012  
Name: Libby Wiener
Degree: History 1981
Description: Political correspondent, ITV news
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Steven W Bell 30/08/2012  
Name: Steve Bell
Degree: Fine Art 1974, Hon DLitt 2007
Description: Cartoonist, The Guardian
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Martine S Croxall 30/08/2012  
Name: Martine Croxall
Degree: Geography 1990
Description: Presenter, BBC News Channel, BBC World Service
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Henry E Gee 30/08/2012  
Name: Henry Gee
Degree: Genetics and Zoology 1984
Description: Senior editor, Nature
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent John A Leicester 30/08/2012  
Name: John Leicester
Degree: Modern Chinese Studies 1991
Description: International Sports Columnist, Associated Press
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Richard A Quest 30/08/2012  
Name: Richard Quest
Degree: Law 1983
Description: News and business anchor, correspondent, CNN
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jay Rayner 30/08/2012  
Name: Jay Rayner
Degree: Political Studies 1987
Description: Restaurant critic, The Observer; novelist; television presenter
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nicholas N Witchell 30/08/2012  
Name: Nicholas Witchell
Degree: Law 1976
Description: Royal and diplomatic correspondent, BBC
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