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Internships and placements: Gerard's story

Gerard Savva

Leeds alumnus Gerard Savva (Graphic Design 2006), Managing Director of Magpie Comms, has recruited many Leeds students.

“The talent pool at the University gets bigger and better year-on-year and the students we have placed over the past four years have exceeded our expectations with their abilities and skills. This has often led us offering further employment beyond their placement period.

In 2014, on a recommendation from the Careers Centre, we entered the National Undergraduate Employability Awards and scooped the Highly Commended title for the placements we offer. For the most part, we dedicate this accolade to the brilliant service and support we have received from the Careers Centre and the talent of all the students we have placed over the years."

Gerard Savva (BA Graphic Design 2006)

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"The commitment is not significant but you can really get a lot out of it."

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