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Founder of Chatterbox Mursal Hedayat

Which notable people from across the world went to Leeds?


(R) Mursal Hedayat, Founder of Chatterbox

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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ahmad S Mokhtar 31/05/2019  
Name: Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar
Degree: MSc Combustion and Energy 1996, PhD Mechanical Engineering 2001
Description: Menteri Besar (Chief Minister), Malaysian State of Terengganu
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Mursal Hedayat 31/05/2019  
Name: Mursal Hedayat
Degree: Economics 2015
Description: Founder of Chatterbox, training refugees as teachers of their native language
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nicola S Mendelsohn 07/10/2019  
Name: Nicola Mendelsohn
Degree: CBE English Literature and Theatre Studies 1992, Hon LLD 2017
Description: Vice President, Facebook Europe, the Middle East and Africa
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Abbi S Tatton 09/08/2012  
Name: Abbi Tatton
Degree: History 1998
Description: Director, Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Hage G Geingob 03/10/2019  
Name: Hage Geingob
Degree: PhD Politics and International Studies 2004
Description: President of Namibia
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Yin Chen 03/06/2019  
Name: Jasmine Chen
Degree: Music 2004
Description: Star of "Crazy Rich Asians"
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Aparna Garg 31/05/2019  
Name: Aparna Garg
Degree: MA Transport Economics 1995
Description: Divisional Railway Manager, India
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Saurav Ghosal 31/05/2019  
Name: Saurav Ghosal
Degree: Economics and Management 2008
Description: Professional squash player, India. Winner of 2019 Asian Squash Championships
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Mahmoud A Hafez 31/05/2019  
Name: Professor Mahmoud Hafez
Degree: Medicine 2006
Description: Founder of SurgiNovi, a service which helps orthopaedic surgeons with joint-replacement surgeries. Winner of British Council Alumni Award 2019, Egypt
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jonathan M Pallett 31/05/2019  
Name: Jonathan Pallett
Degree: MBA 2011
Description: Head of Marketing & Communications, Toronto Wolfpack
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Caroline M Phiri-Lubwika 31/05/2019  
Name: Caroline Phiri-Lubwika
Degree: MA Applied and Professional Ethics 2015
Description: Award-winning journalist, Botswana
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Agachai Sumalee 31/05/2019  
Name: Dr Agachai Sumalee
Degree: PhD Transport Studies 2004
Description: Road transport expert, Thailand. Winner of British Council Alumni Award 2018
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Michael D Aron 14/04/2015  
Name: Michael Aron
Degree: Arabic and French 1981
Description: British Ambassador to Yemen
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Shuhei Toyoda 30/08/2012  
Name: Shuhei Toyoda
Degree: PhD Tribology 1977
Description: Chairman, Toyota Boshoku Corporation
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nicola S Mendelsohn 07/05/2013  
Name: Nicola Mendelsohn
Degree: English and Theatre Studies 1992
Description: Vice President, Facebook Europe, the Middle East and Africa
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jose A Gurria 29/08/2012  
Name: Angel Gurría
Degree: MA Development Economics 1974, Honorary LLD 2010
Description: Secretary General, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Elena Ambrosiadou 29/08/2012  
Name: Elena Ambrosiadou
Degree: Chemical Engineering 1980
Description: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, IKOS Asset Management Limited
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