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Leeds alumni and COP26

COP26 is seen as the last best chance for the global community to tackle the climate crisis.

Our podcasts, features and guest blog posts will help you discover more about the conference, and how members of our community are making a difference.


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Alumni news
My Climate Story

In our podcast mini-series, hear from inspiring Leeds alumni around the globe who are helping to combat the climate crisis.

Jonathan Wild: A million tree promise

Meet the former Chair of Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate – synonymous with Yorkshire Tea and Bettys tea rooms – to uncover how a promise to his children grew into a lifelong mission to protect our trees.

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What was the useful thing you learned at Leeds? Here's what made Leeds so special to some of our alumni.

I learned that it is good to think. Not to be right, or to win an argument, but to be open to think in new ways and so to learn.
I learnt that I could leave all that I knew and loved behind, move to a new country and make the best of it.
How to love someone. Married my Leeds Uni classmate in 2016 and we've just had a beautiful daughter.
The most useful thing I learned was to balance working hard with having fun - it took until the final term of 3rd year but I got there in the end. Invaluable life lesson.
How to communicate and work with different nationalities. It was amazing to meet people from China and India etc.
That you cannot go to the bar at lunchtime and expect to function in the afternoon.
Higher education can be "FUN" and not always dreadful and boring! But to understand that, you've got to experience Leeds! #LeedsforLife
It was as if the 'on' switch of my brain was switched on for the first time at the age of 24!
How to negotiate the ring road around Leeds. Still use it lots today - very important! And how to not get caught in a bus lane.
I learned to balance my work and life commitments. The university had a great social scene but challenging courses so I had to learn to maximise both.
At Leeds I met people from so many different backgrounds, cultures and with so many different ideas and opinions and learnt so much from them.
How to stay calm and think clearly, even when things are going bad around you.
I learned how to adapt a Yorkshire state of mind. I really miss the accent (I now live in Australia!)
How to meet, mix and work with people from many different backgrounds to my own (rather sheltered) upbringing.
I learned to become my own person - my true self. I was encouraged to explore my ideas, share my thoughts and develop my interests both personally and academically.
How to be part of the student world - work and party hard! Everything about living and learning in Leeds has made me what I am today!
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