Graduation 2020

Congratulations, and welcome to our alumni community!

Welcome to our alumni community!

You did it - the hard work, essays, exams and assessment - finished. Congratulations! Your studies at Leeds may have come to an end, but that doesn't mean your connection with the University has to. Now you're a member of our amazing alumni community - a global network of Leeds graduates who support each other, contribute to the reputation of Leeds around the world, and celebrate each other's successes.


Messages of support

In typical Leeds style, our community have come together to share their messages of support to you on your graduation. It's not the day we would have planned for you, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating everything you've achieved. You can also find video messages of support here.

Juniza (Chemical and Process Engineering 2016)

You did it! Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure! Like all difficult times, this shall pass too. Let us not lose hope and pray for brighter days ahead.

Paul Baker (History and Religious Studies 1972)

Welcome to the alumni community of the best University in the world. I went up to Leeds wondering what the future held for me. I left it with the skills and determination to shape my future for myself. Whatever you do as a graduate, steer your own course. You will be diverted at times, but always have an eye to where it is you want to get. Just keep the faith when times are hard.

I am told degrees are easier than they were when I graduated in 1972. I don't believe a word of it. You have earned your degree by sheer hard work and application. Your degree is worth every bit as much as mine, and everyone else's. Congratulations.

This is a difficult time to graduate with an uncertain future, for the immediate at least. I graduated 48 years ago and have lived through some tough (and some great) times, although not as tough as those you are facing now. I felt the benefit of my time at Leeds in every one of those times, good and bad.

Your time at Leeds, what you have learned, the breadth of the experience; it is always with you. Like riding a bicycle, you will never lose it. Let it inform all the major decisions you have to make. Treasure it. Let it be your lodestone. It is something very precious. Let the cognitive skills you have developed guide your thinking and the decisions you make.

Life is rarely easy, but what you take into it from your time at Leeds will help you make the very best of the times you live through. The times immediately ahead will undoubtedly be tough, but keep faith with yourself through the tough times, however hard that is to do; and you will make the best of the tough times and be ready to grab opportunity when the better times come. I wish you the very best of fortune.

My degree helped me to think broadly and analytically. An absolutely priceless skill when working as a senior public sector manager. The friendships I had with people from all over the country broadened my view of life and added to the skills I picked up from my studies.

Above all, the humanity of Leeds as an institution taught me the importance of people. Organisations are made up of people, not sets of buildings. Work with the people and the people will work for the organisation.

Keep faith with yourself however difficult the times. You have what it takes to see yourself through in the end. Never let anyone persuade you otherwise. Hold in there, however hard it is. Look forward, not back, except to learn. And, I'll say it again: you have what it takes. You would not be a Leeds graduate if you didn't. The very best of luck.


Angela Steatham (French and Management Studies 1986)

Congratulations on securing yourself a gift for life! Be brave, stay optimistic and continue to learn and develop.

Be a lobster! The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable, that’s when it sheds its old shell and grows another. If lobsters never felt uncomfortable, they would never grow!

You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails! See the world as a treasure trove of opportunity and know that your degree from Leeds Uni is going to sustain you for life. ‘Courage, mes braves’!

The 3 most precious things I received from my experience at Leeds are: confidence, a global outlook and the ability to challenge the status quo. I still miss the ham, cheese and beetroot rolls, a coffee and the Guardian crossword in the MJ Bar after all these years!


Chris Buck (Physics with Astrophysics 1990)

Welcome to the greatest club in the world. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and I hope you had as fantastic a time at Leeds as I did.

Stay focused but be patient if needs be. Even if life takes you on an unplanned path you’ll thrive. I hope you’ll feel as proud as I do whenever I share that "I went to Leeds”. It will stand you in good stead for whatever life brings you.

Nadya Puspita (Management 2019)

Welcome to the club, and congratulations for all of you! Our alumni community means you will never lose touch with Leeds, even though you may have now left the city.

You have accomplished your mission and graduated from our beloved University, in the middle of this pandemic too! I'm very proud of you. I know you guys might be feeling sad because you can't attend a ceremony to celebrate your graduation, but we, the Leeds alumni community, are here for you to give you spirit and also congratulate all of you! Your next steps are to find your dream job, succeed, and don't forget to make the world smile again 😊

I know you can get through all of this. I hope you find your dream job quickly and easily. If you haven't yet found a job - don’t worry! You’ve now got some time to prepare yourself to enter the working world. You can do some online courses or training to improve your skills, or you can read a lot of books to expand your knowledge and insights! Be grateful for everything you have, and keep your spirits up to make a better world!

When I was at Leeds I joined the Indonesian Society. I'm Indonesian and I was feeling homesick. It was wonderful to meet with my friends twice a week to share in cultural events, and introduce these to the wider University – we even showcased some of our events in the Union. I really miss these moments.

Studying in Leeds was one of the best experiences of my life! It was my first experience of living abroad. I was able to improve my English and expand my horizons through the new friends I made from different countries. Besides that, my studies helped to improve my critical thinking, which has helped me in my working life.


Dr. Anthony William Myres (Agricultural Chemistry 1967)

I am long retired from the workforce but still hold treasured memories – of my first day at Leeds University, of meeting my future wife in the 2nd year of chemistry, and of graduating. It was a wonderful life and I wish for you the same as you embark on a new beginning built on the firm foundation of your education at Leeds University. Never give up.

Havovy Cama (Metallurgy 1994)

Congratulations. You must be so proud and relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel for you as you graduate at a time of a lot of uncertainty.

If you are not planning on further study and are struggling to find a job, try and build skills using virtual training or use your existing skills to provide support as a volunteer in an organisation that needs it (even if it is without pay). Anything extra you do will help your CV to shine above the rest. Do not be disheartened. Remember it is always darkest before dawn. You can also use the Leeds Network to reach out to those in roles or industries that you would like to be in. They can tell you what it is like to work in that industry and help you identify skills gaps which you can spend this time closing.

Good times will return. The dark clouds will pass. Focus on the positives. You can do so much online now and access resources virtually. Focus on your strengths and be proactive. Life is never easy. Ask for things you want. Focus on the positives, and good luck.


Egbert Andrew (Health Planning and Administration 1989)

Congratulations! You have been rewarded for your hard work and perseverance.

This is an important step in a journey thwart with pitfalls, but always remember that the more hurdles you cross in life, the more successful you become. As a recent graduate, no doubt Leeds has prepared you to meet most of life's eventualities.

Let me share with you some other important tenets that will guide you further as you navigate uncharted waters - honesty, integrity, productivity and grit and determination. Remember always that one individual who is right makes up the majority, and as the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is fond of saying, "human experience has never been shaped by commentators, cynics and critics." Go shape your community...go shape the world.


Claire Cooper (MA Disability Studies 2019)

Welcome to a diverse community of people who have shared the ups and downs of life at the University of Leeds, and now face the challenges of life in our world every day with the skills and values that we gained at university.

The year may not have ended as you had imagined, but it is your hard work and dedication throughout the year that has brought you to this point, and that is to be celebrated. Congratulations!

Focus on the potential of the future - you are ready and waiting with your degree for the moment the right opportunity opens up.


Saeed Saleh Idris Omer (Civil and Structural Engineering 2015)

Welcome to the Global Leeds Alumni Community - all the way from Ed Daein, East Darfur State, Sudan!

You have done yourselves, family and loved ones so proud. Times are tough but you are tougher. Perseverance, patience and commitment will help you lots. Give it your best. The degree I received from Leeds was of a world class caliber. It has definitely helped me open more doors.