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Memorable. Brilliant. Entertaining. See how fondly our Leeds graduates remember their lecturers. 

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Meanwhile, see how our academics have profoundly influenced their students through the years.


Last name starts with A

Dr Giorgia Aiello Tala Halawa (MA International Communications 2013)


Tony Aldred - "He taught me how to think outside the box and made direct marketing easy especially when I worked on the 'Lexus' case study!!!!" Omoyosola Omotade (MA Advertising and Marketing 2007)


Professor R McNeill Alexander - "The way he explained Animal Mechanics made it seem so simple." Denis Tuohy (Zoology 1979)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "His love for his subject, enthusiasm and his impressive demonstrations of biomechanics whilst he stood on the desk." Madeline Kirk (Zoology 1997)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "Enthusiasm" Richard Noake (Ecology 1998)


Professor R McNeill Alexander - "Enthusiastic and inspirational on biological mechanics." Jay Tolley (Ecology 1997)


Professor R McNeill Alexander - "In many ways he was my mentor." Henry Gee (Zoology and Genetics 1984)


Professor R McNeill Alexander - "Prof Alexander's legendary enthusiasm and love of his subject has stayed with me throughout my subsequent career. "Oh, you knew Prof R McNeill Alexander!" people have said to me in awed tones. Little wonder." Adam Britton (Zoology 1992)


Professor R McNeill Alexander - "He got me out of a sticky situation when the Duchess of Kent asked me a simple question on her visit, 12th May 1984, and didn't make me feel like the idiot I was!" Barbara Kelly, nee Porter (Zoology 1984)


Professor R McNeill Alexander - "Singularly the most professional, erudite and inspirational academic I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my entire life. He demystified Biomechanics like no other academic could ever do, in short he brought the subject to life." David Wiseman (Zoology 1995)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "Natural communicator" Marc Hebert (Zoology and Physiology 1981)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "The ability to engage, and active demonstrations of the mechanics of movement....walking like chimp or chewing like a cow!" Kathryn Western (Zoology 2000)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "That great link between Biology & Architecture. Wonderful live demos incl. lying on the lecturn to show bending moments. My inspiration to do a biomechanics PhD. A brilliant man! 21 yrs later in an unrelated job, his books still sit in my office." Lucy Hammond (Zoology 1985)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "It was like being taught by Gandalf! A wonderful and inspiring man who had a great passion for the subject!!" Heather Wood (Zoology 1985)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "His enthusiasm for Animal Mechanics made his lectures so interesting... I still remember some almost 40 years later!" Diane Beirne (Zoology 1977)


Professor McNeill Alexander - "Clear lectures and brilliant practicals that worked and beautifully demonstrated the points he wanted to get across. And what a sweetie." Sarah Ayers, nee Keen (Combined Bot Zoo 1983)


Reg Allenby - "His delight in teaching." Jim Kean (Maths 1983)


Dr Reg Allenby and Professor John Truss - "They were human! Took the time to explain things, learnt students' names and took pleasure in students' achievements." Rachel Ashworth (Mathematics 2001)


Professor Allinson - "Such a calm and respectful lecturer and very encouraging. I really used to look forward to his subjects and have probably followed my career path based on Organisational Design and Methodologies." Angela Steatham, nee Ramsell (French and Management Studies 1986)


Professor Gordon Andrews - "His style of teachings is exceptional. His lecture notes are arranged for better understanding by International students. The two Courses he lectured me are well understood by me and find application back home." Taofeek Kolawole Olaleye (MSc Energy and Environment 2010)


Professor Gordon Andrews - "He has a very good students - lecturer relationship and always ready to attend his students. He always wants to give all his knowledge to his students." Muhammad Mukhtar (Energy and Environment, 2011)


Last name starts with B

Dr Fiona Bannon - "Her effective questioning techniques enabled me to come to new understandings. Her subject knowledge was inspirational & her innovative and student-centered approaches to teaching and learning made an exciting & challenging experience for all." Ruth Pinkney (Dance 2010)


Dr Fiona Bannon - "Her wisdom, passion for dance and the way she used imagery to explain something in a simple way with lots of enthusiam. Plus the wacky tasks set and the positive feedback given both verbally and written. Fiona knew every author and dance practitioner!" Hannah Wadsworth (Dance 2010)


Dr Fiona Bannon - "Her ability to draw us in to a lesson, make us question, use our imaginations and discover new and excitings ways of approaching what we we're learning. An inspiration to us all, which can be judged by the enthusiasm we felt upon finishing a lesson." Sarah Chase (Dance 2010)


Dr Manuel Barcia Paz - "Manuel's energy in lectures, his commitment to students  and his passion for his research area is second to none. Without Manuel's encouragement I would never have considered postgraduate studies and I am now a Lecturer myself!" Dr Amy Godoy-Pressland (French and Spanish 2007)


Dr Manuel Barcia Paz - "A truly insightful, challenging, and caring teacher. Without his tireless encouragement, I would certainly not have gone on to postgraduate study, and my life would have been the poorer for it." Miranda Lickert (Chinese and Spanish 2013)


Colin Barnes - "His depth of knowledge on disability issues and passion about the welfare of disabled people all over the world."


Douglas Barnes - "A passion for principled education as a world changer; the definition of language in action; his success in developing young teachers as reflective practioners and intellectuals." Susan Daniels (Education 1984)


Zygmunt Bauman - "His wisdom, his history, his politics, his compassion." Tina Bain (Sociology 1980)


Zygmunt Bauman - "His astonishing insight and inexplicable faith in my ability despite my consistently letting him down. Have re-read his works in recent years and now have a million questions (nearly 30 years too late)." Adrian Segens (Sociology 1986)


Professor Zygmunt Bauman - "Brilliant mind - but still knew how to speak to students, very approachable and interesting. Every student wanted to be like him." Patricia Mayo (Psychology/Sociology 1985)


Professor Zygmunt Bauman - "The essence of the man was remarkable; he taught me so much. Words cannot express!" John Hales (Sociology 1979)


Professor Zygmunt Bauman - "His perspective on modernity and post modernity was inspirational because he gave a new perspective on contemporary issues. He has changed the way students see and understand issues such as the holocaust. He is one of the leading sociologists in the world."


Professor Paul Baxter - "His passion in supporting student work. He made an effort to help us with all the queries we had. He was such an inspirational supervisor" Ndoliwe Kayuni (Statistical Epidemiology 2012)


Professor Bell - "His humour and scholarship." Susan Thompson (nee Wrightson) (Art and Philosophy 1964)


Professor Bridget Bennett - "Introduced me to Don Delillo, made me feel like I finally knew what I was doing in my final year and supported me while I was applying for my English PGCE. Truly inspirational woman ... and used to get us all coffee!" Laura Graham (English Language and Literature 2004)


Professor Bridget Bennett - "Bridget challenged me to think deeply and broadly about American literature. She encouraged me to find my own voice and develop my own research. She's honest about academia and being a woman in HE and she continues to support my academic career. " Hannah Murray (English Literature and Language, 2010)


Professor Maurice Beresford - "His eccentricity, passion for the subject and gentle but effective way of criticism!" Mike Holloway (Economic History 1980)


Professor Maurice Beresford - "His academic ability, love of the subject; help when needed." Graham Branston (Economic History & Geography 1968, History 1972)


Professor Maurice Beresford - "Everything." Bob Horne (History 1970) Lydia Bleasdale-Hill - "Her lectures were very engaging from the get-go. She keeps you interested even when the topics can be boring. I always looked forward to her lectures every single time! She also manages to infuse her enthusiasm for the subject which is infectious." Dinesh T (LLB Law 2015)


Natasha Bogoslavskaya - "Warm, funny, dedicated to teaching Russian language and culture, never despairing of our sometimes dreadful Russian." Mathew Redgrave (Russian Studies 2009)


Simon Borg - "Very well organized and well planned classes." Hyeon Joo Lee (TESOL Teacher Education 2011)


Antonia Borissova- "She was warm, loving, enthusiastic, entertaining and approachable. Her lessons were extremely interesting, efficient and absolutely fascinating. She was always in a good mood and kept us laughing. Her class was always the best and it was fun every day." Julio Da Costa (Chemical Engineering 2014)


Dr Antonia Borissova and Dr Colin Poole - "She (Antonia) was a teacher as well as a parent! He (Colin) always had time to help everyone. They played a major role in my successful attaining of my degree. Even after school they are still very helpful with references and all!" Peo Joanah Tauetsile (Mining and Minerals Engineering 2011)


Dr Chris Bowmer - "Very enthusiastic and excellent lecturer." Carly Marples (Medical Sciences 2010)


Dr Chris Bowmer - "Without fancy slides, videos or animations, Dr Bowmer has entire lecture theaters gripped by complex drug/receptor interactions. He speaks in a slow unusual way and is capable of answering any question put to him, no matter what subject its on."


Dr Bowmer - "He was a fantastic and inspirational lecturer." Jessica Daniels (Pharmacology 2007)


Chris Bowmer - "I used to look forward to his lectures as they were so engaging. They tended to be done on OHPs and so if you missed one there was no cheating by downloading the powerpoint presentation!" Anne Gallagher (Pharmacology 2005)


Dr Bowmer - "An inspirational lecturer who taught with such ease, wit and humour, you almost forgot you were learning." Kirsty Devine (Medical Sciences 2009)


Dr Bowmer - "A genuine man with the knowledge, wisdom and wit to capture attention and inject interest with no effort whatsoever." Ian (Human Physiology 2011)


Dr Chris Bowmer - "It is very rare to find someone with an incredible mind who can also easily be understood by a group of undergrads. And yet Dr Bowmer managed just that! With great wit and an excellent sense of humour, he definitely deserves this nomination, hands down!" Sarah Pearce (Medical Science 2013)


Dr Chris Bowmer - "He's the kind of lecturer who is inspirational but humbling. Oozing intelligence and quick wit he made lectures fascinating and commanded attention. That one day he gave me a first for my essay is still a favourite memory of my degree." Louisa Chan (Pharmacology 2012) 


Christopher Bowmer - "Enthusiastic and memorable lectures, a genuinely great guy also." Leanne (Pharmacology 2003)


Dr Bowmer - "Simply brilliant. Able to captivate an audience like no other." Kevin Pepper (Medical Sciences 2007)


Dr Chris Bowmer - "He made learning easy. His combination of wit and humour made going to lectures fun!" Fraser Macrae (Medical Sciences 2011)


Dr Christopher Bowmer - "His leveling passion for the subject, his teaching manner and general demeanour. Everyone he has taught has the utmost admiration for his knowledge and how well he taught each of us. A true legend"


Dr Chris Bowmer - "He was the most inspirational teacher of my career. Fascinated by the subject, he conveyed it all with passion and enthusiasm, lighting up 180 minds simultaneously. I recently met an alumnus from 20 years earlier who agreed!" Samuel Cronin (Pharmacology 2009)


Dr Chris Bowmer - "Dr Bowmer's vast intelligence and love for both learning and teaching is evident in the way that he works, delivered with such charm and wit! A thoroughly impressive mind. Any colleagues I now have who studied under Bowmer all say the same: legend!"


Dr Christopher Bowmer - "Turning up to toxicology lectures with this man was quite often a highlight of the taught week, his ability to entertain and lecture at the same time was amazing. We even gave him a Facebook page!" James Brooke (Medical Sciences 2013)


Dr. Christopher Bowmer - "Dr. Bowmer's story-telling style in giving lectures makes even the most difficult topics understandable. He is knowledgeable, wise and intelligent... A very inspiring person." Nawaf Al-Taweel (Pharmacology 2010)


Dr Christopher Bowmer - "He made toxicology so interesting, I went on to do a post-graduate degree at Cardiff! Easy to talk to, lectures that flowed, and you left knowing much more than when you went in." Sadaf Khan (Biomedical Science 2008)


Professor Boyle - "He always treated us like adults." Lawrence Moore (Chemical Engineering 1994)


Dr Roger Boyle - "I'm still in contact with him over 20 years after graduating! He managed to pull of a balance that I try to achieve as a faculty member myself, a combination of great scholarship and friendliness. Thanks for the inspiration."


Dr Roger Boyle - "His lessons were always fun and I learnt loads from him." Martin Waller (Computational Science 1985)


Professor Roger Boyle - Deborah Elm (Cognitive Science 2006)


Dr. Roger Boyle -"Friendly with the brain the size of a planet. Inspiring." David Gerrish (Computer science 1990)


Dr Konstantinos Bozos - "He is a very encouraging and inspiring supervisor for my dissertation, and it truly aroused my interest in this profession." Qiongzhi Hu (MSc Accounting and Finance 2011)


Professor Derek Bradley - "He is intelligent, serious, honest, creative and a great lecturer!" Muthana Abdul Majeed Jameel (Combustion laser and powder 1985)


Dr Roy Bridge - "His laser-like clarity, and the way he taught me to assemble an argument;including in it only what was required and linking it together with ruthless discipline. I recall he threw my first ever essay in the bin! Three years later, I got a First." Josephine Shaw (International History and Politics 1984)


Alan Bullock - "It was thanks to him that I took up Italian. Great teacher with great personal charm and humour. His enthusiasm for his subject was contagious." Lindsay Atkins (Italian 1973)


Dr Tom F Burgess - "He really makes an effort to help students and spends quality time for every query that they may have." Aditi Bhalla (MBA 2012)


Mikel Burley - "His passion for his subject and dedication to his students." Ellie Sherman-Smith (Theology and Religious Studies 2012)


Professor Ray Bush - "Inspired me on the subject of natural resources and political economy. I'm now doing a PhD on it. Engaging and passionate." James Mitchell (International Development 2011)


Professor Ray Bush - "He taught/teaches with so much passion, dedication, and above all, in-depth knowledge of his subject. He was/is supportive and a good guide in the field of African development studies. I enjoyed every bit of time I spent in his class." Zainab Sandeh (Global Development and Africa 2012)


Professor Ray Bush - "The most brilliant mind I have ever come across! Passionate, and extremely thorough, and warm too. He made me see Africa (his subject) with fresh new eyes. A great mentor and human being." Ret'sepile Makamane (MA Development Studies and Gender 2009) 


Tony Byng - "Had a remarkable way of infecting his students with a certain passion for sales promotion and capturing everyone's attention in lectures through his cheerful personality and humour." Cline Classen (MA Advertising and Marketing 2011)

Last name starts with C

Dr Jose Cabrera - "His humour and humanity in tutorials, and his Viva Zapata moustache." Graham Audus (Civil Engineering)


Dr Militza Callinan - "She made things interesting and had a good way of teaching. She always had a smile on her face and was always readily available to help the students."


Professor Tom Cassidy - "Excellent guidance to overseas students." Sivakumar Ganapathy (MA Design 2007)


Tom Cassidy - Reham Sanad (Design 2013)


Gary N. Chambers - "An amazing personality... down to earth, extremely friendly. My friend, philosopher and guide. Thank you Dr. Gary!" Jaseena Valiyaveettil (MEd Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages 2010)


Liz Channells - "Her enthusiasm, plus she kept me going at a point where I felt I'd had enough." Pauline Smith (BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies)


Hugo Christenson - "He was my tutor." Michael Robert Chrisholm (Physics)


Dr Iain Clacher - "Enthusiasm and wit." Emma Harwood (Accounting and Finance 2010)


Professor Clapton - "His knowledge and humanity" Joyce Tran (nee Rhodes) (French Language and Literature 1963)


Dr Ray Clare - "His passion for his subject." Rachel Hunt (Latin 1997)


Dr Clare - "Loved how he encouraged me. I think it is down to him that I got my 2:1" Kerri Desmond (Classical Civilisation 1997)


Roger Clark - "Well organised notes, hard work in explanations, dedication to teaching, etc."


Professor Graham Clarke - "He was approachable during my stay. He asked me what my next move was after the completion of my studies. That was awesome coming from a lecturer to a student. He was also willing to help whenever one encountered problems during his work." Oluyemi Akintunde (Geographical Information Systems for Business 2010)


Professor Jeremy Clegg - "Inspirational doctoral supervisor and very helpful with his in-depth knowledge on the subject, which is very much important for the lengthy doctoral study." Binh P. Pham (Management Studies 2008)


Professor Jeremy Clegg - "His motivational words, unique mindset, sense of humor and thought-provoking words." Miguel Dindial (MSc International Business 2011)


Norma Martin Clement - "Her enthusiasm for her specialist subjects and her willingness to give a helping hand at every opportunity." Adil Raza (LBB English Law and European Law 2008)


Richard Coe - "Ability to present complex subjects with lucidity and brevity." J.A. Hedley Grenfell-Banks (French 1964)


Dan Coffee - Moiz Chaudhary (Economics 2008)


Haynes Collins - "Haynes' intercultural life experiences and innovative ways to convey neutral as well as diplomatic thinking in everyday contexts such as business or politics motivated me to pursue an international career with people of all cultural backgrounds." Roy Roetz (Professional Languages and Intercultural Studies 2011)


Joep Cornelissen - "His simple approach to teaching a very difficult subject like Corporate Communication." Suhrid Mehta (Advertising and Marketing 2007)


Dr Ingo Cornils - "You have to ask? You clearly haven't met Ingo!" David Wood (German Studies 2009)


Dr Ingo Cornils - "A lovely bubbly yet highly intelligent character. Also hilarious - often without intending to be so!"


Dr Ingo Cornils - "He is honest and straight to the point."


Dr Ingo Cornils - "Ingo was always very approachable and always very knowledgable about his subject area. A year or so after I graduated I was having a career crisis - Ingo welcomed me with open arms and provided much needed guidance!" Elise Jackson (German 2009)


Dr Ingo Cornils - "Kindest, most interesting man. No more words would do him justice."


Dr Ingo Cornils - "Ingo showed unrivalled passion and dedication to the course. However, my main reason for nominating him is for having to supervise and read my dreadfully dull dissertation, whilst remaining positive, which I feel deserves some sort of recognition." Mark Strafford (BA German 2009)


Dr Terry Cousens - "He's got an amazing sense of humour, a wonderful personality and is an overall amazing person." Dana Alkandari (Civil and Structural Engineering 2013)


Professor David Coward - "He is a witty, caring, intelligent and genuine man." Terry J. Bradford (French and Spanish 1993)


Dr David Coward - "Very human with a sense of humour. He demonstrated that even a large department in a big university doesn't have to be totally impersonal." Geoff Perrin (French and German 1970)


Professor Mike Coward - "Creativity, mentor-ship, fun, prestige, commitment." John Warburton (Geological Sciences 1979)


John Cox - "Just the fun. I am still waiting to do a pilgrimage to Santiago del Compostela. I still think positively about King a John." Jacquie Marriott (History 1974)


Professor Ian Cram - "His passion for the study of freedom of expression." Sarah Broadley (LLM International and European Human Rights Law 2010)


Professor Shirley Crew - "If only Shirley had been my tutor from the start! She reignited my love of literature in the final year of my English & Philosophy degree. Straight talking, but eminently charismatic & knowledgeable, I will always remember her belief in me." Jennifer Newman (English and Philosophy 2003)


Dr Ronald Cueto - "Wise, encouraging & highly, highly entertaining!" Tim Newton (French 1997)


A C Cuming - "He was such an energetic person and after years of my graduation, my former girl friend, (also another Leeds graduate) after one of my seminars in Turkey told me,"during the seminar I closed my eyes and felt like Andy was talking". Need I say more" Sertac Onde (PhD 1992)

Last name starts with D

Lee Davidson - "Only person who understood my love of dialectology." Kathryn Lewis (Linguistics and Phonetics 2001)


Dr Mark Davis - "He explained well in lectures, made any complex theory easier to understand and was always approachable." Aishi Dastidar (BA Hons Sociology 2010)


Bethan Davies - "Bethan is an incredibly supportive personal tutor and a great lecturer. No matter what problem I had, she never made me feel I was hassling her and always had the time to chat. When it felt like my degree was crumbling away, Bethan helped me through." Lauren James (Linguistics & Phonetics 2013)


Dr Graeme Davies - "Never have I had a teacher that managed to teach with a combination of such confidence, humility, knowledge and humour. Simply fantastic." Amos Schonfield (International Relations 2014)


Cécile De Cat - "Dr Cécile De Cat was a true and dedicated professional. Her command and ability over her subject and her mature research skills were really inspiring for me. Secondly, She was a good human being and a convincing philosopher." Adnan Ibrar (Linguistics and ELT 2010)

Maurice de Saumarez - "Wealth of knowledge and sense of humour." Joan Jones (nee Lord) (English 1956)


David Dilks - "His sheer presence and intellect. At the start of a lecture he would take off his watch and then take you on a fascinating journey, without any notes, for the next 60 minutes and bring you back. What a performance!" Warwick Barton (International History and Politics 1987)


Simon Dixon - "Funny, knowledgable and very inspirational. The oracle of Russian history (and everything else!). Very fond memories." Helen Hawkins (English and History 2005)


Simon Dixon - "The combination of academic and intellectual brilliance with humour and modesty and helpfulness is a rare one and Simon possessed it in spades. Lectures, seminars and tutorials were always a great pleasure." Matthew Hallett (Modern History 2002)


Professor Duncan Dowson and Professor Chris Taylor - "Their work in tribology and their friendly relation with the students are great sources of inspiration to me forever. Also, their teaching was so lucid, even school students can understand. Great people." M. Radhakrishnan (Tribology 1975)


Professor Duncan Dowson - "Always inspired and respected by everyone." Robert Marshall (BSc Mechanical Engineering 1964)


Professor Duncan Dowson - "Inspired me to study tribology with his very clear explanations of difficult ideas." Edward (Ted) Smith (Mechanical Engineering 1968)


Professor Duncan Dowson and Professor Chris Taylor - "Their in-depth and wide-ranging knowledge of the subject, Tribology, and their passion always inspired. They made difficult things understandable... They are great teachers!"


Professor Monty Dugal - "Is very close to the students, has an amazing ability to explain and teach. He is full if knowledge and always tries to learn new. He loves children and has an empathetic approach. He is enthusiastic and open to dialogue.excellent scientist"


Dr Jacob Dunningham - "His passion for physics turned it from a subject into a way of thinking about of everything around us that I will never loose. Thanks!" Andrew Redfearn (Physics 2010)


Caroline Dyer - "Her passion for teaching is infectious. But she also understands what it takes to teach in a way that really engages students, by providing an opportunity to influence your learning much more than is conventionally the case." Gareth Crockett (MA Development Studies 2011)


Last name starts with E

Dr George East - "His enthusiasm and ability to engage." David Maddison (Textile Chemistry 1984)


Dr George East - "I am from Madras (Chennai-India), non- textiles student to P.G in Textiles Department. I was in contact with Dr. East for 4 years before entering Leeds. As a person & stature his genuineness is simple teaching and guiding me." Saravanan Narayanaswamy (Textiles 2001)


David Edmonds - "A great metallurgist and a scientist, he's contributed a lot to Metallurgy."


Lee Edwards - "Devoting, caring and passionate about teaching." Prapavadee B (International Communications 2013)


Stanley Ellis - "His sense of humour, kindness, and passion for language."


Stanley Ellis - "He inspired my interest in words and how their meanings and pronunciations change over the centuries. He could say any word and take it on a voyage from Scotland to Cornwall changing the pronunciation as he went." Joy Pownall (Askew) (English and History of Art 1980) Jane Fraser (Sweetman) (English 1973)


Dr Ellis - "He constantly gave up his time to sit with people in the department and discuss. He said that the most interesting conversations I would ever have in my life would be at university. He was right! They were in the Russian department with him." Richard Thomson (BA Joint Geography and Russian 2006)


Stanley Ellis - "Brilliant, funny and kind - what was not to like?!" Jacqueline Botten, nee Evans (English Literature, 1973)


Stanley Ellis - "Down to earth, amusing, incredibly skilled dialectologist and totally memorable. Always used to select my friend (we did English 1970-73 - Scheme D) to demonstrate vowel sounds - she came from the Black Country and we are still in touch today." Kathryn Foster nee Mahoney (English 1973)


Stanley Ellis - "His vast knowledge, humour and fascination with our language gave me a life long interest in the subject. That and the fact that he used to get my friend to say words and phrases to illustrate a point. (she had Black Country accent!)" Kathryn Foster, nee Mahoney (English 1973)


Michelle Ellwood - "She is extremely passionate about Radiography and her students. As a mature student, Michelle gave me the confidence and support to help me attain a 2:1". John Walker (Radiography 2013)


Dr Howard Evans - "More than a lecturer, more than a tutor; he really cared about his students. Unfortunately, he passed away recently, but I hope this belated tribute to his kindness, 40 years after he was my tutor, shows he has not been forgotten. All my thanks Dr. Evans!" John Hall (French 1972, TOEFL 1975)


Professor R H Evans - "Sincerity, ability, and 'you come here to learn to think.'" John C Briggs (Civil Engineering 1949)


Dr Bob Eyre - "Introduced me to independent thinking - prior to Dr Eyre's input I tended to accept what a perceived 'expert' might say as truth without testing it for myself. He taught me to question myself and my environment and to look for solutions." Mark Chambers (Geography 1982)


Dr S R Eyre - "His knowledge and style of delivery, quite the lay preacher, but offering inspired information and image." Stuart Dickingson (Geography 1968)

Last name starts with F

Dr David Fairer -"His enthusiasm for my dissertation topic and his inspiration and encouragement while I wrote my dissertation!" Joey Singman (English Literature MA 1991)


Professor Mike Fairweather - "Teaching style." Muhammad Ali Jadoon (MSc Integrated Design of Chemical Plant 2002)


Dr Paul Firmin - "Dr F was as eccentric as they come, he threw himself into teaching us students using a variety of extremeley effective, and also usually extremely bizarre, teaching methods." Jonny Rotheram (Transport Planning 2008)


Dr Sheila Fisher and Professor Jon Pedlar - "Both were very supportive and encouraging." Wambeti Njiru (MDentSci Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2004)


Ben Fitzpatrick - "Patient, Engaging, Funny and a brain the size of a planet." Linda Asquith (Criminal Justice 2003)


Denis Flannery - "Always totally focused, knew his subject back to front and gave off an incredible love for it."


Denis Flannery - "Introduced me to Cormac McCarthy." James Littlewood (MA American Literature 1996)


Denis Flannery - Paul Stewart (English 1998)


Chris Forde - "He is a great researcher and believes in the potential of his students. He was my favourite lecturer and supervisor during my time in LUBS."


Chris Forde - "Highly intelligent, great researcher, enthusiastic about the model he taught and teaches with so much passion. He actually became my dissertation supervisor and aided me with lots of resourceful materials." Jamila Muhammad (MA Human Resource Management 2011)


Chris Forde - "He is intelligent, knowledgeable and always ready to encourage. He was always available and ready to help when needed."


Professor Nicolas Forsans - "He is a realist, yet is inspiring. Very motivating without using too many words." Urvashi Dutta (MSc International Business 2010)


Aidan Foster-Carter - "Fun-loving and great mind." James McAuley (PhD Sociology 1986)


Professor Pierce Foster - "He had the pedigree and stamina to teach Climate Change." Tinashi Muzira (MSc Sustainability 2011)


Last name starts with G

Dr Brian Garvey - "...a 'people' person, insightful, sincere, inspiring, knowledgeable yet practical...a motivating personality" Dr Juliette Brathwaite (Educational Administration and Management 1994)


William Gibbs - "He made the lessons so interesting using the locally available materials. I can never forget about the craft from a simple match box!"


Dr John Grahame - "His kindness, skill and his ability to make statistics understandable." Andy Williams (Zoology 1989)


John Grahame - "A true mountain of a man. Known as Jonny G aka G-dogg. And a great lecturer, caring tutor and extremely nice guy to boot!" Michael Goldstone (Zoology 2003)


Professor Andrew Green - "The way he packaged lecturers with humour, African experience and vast international knowledge." Austin Mazinga (MA Health Management, Planning and Policy 2004)


Penny Goodman - "For her enthusiasm for the subject." Nicholas Robinson (Classical Civilisation 2010)


Dr Penny Goodman - "She always had such passion for the subject and made you eager to learn more. She is the best lecturer I've ever been taught by." Nicholas Cheesman (Classical Civilisation, 2011)


Dr Ian Goodwil - "Taught fluid mechanics, which for me seemed way too hard. He seemed to be on a different intellectual level but once I took courage and knocked on his office door for help I found him to have a keen sense of humour and he became my frequent mentor." Ed Latham (Civil Engineering 1994)


Tom Gough - "His definition of an expert has always stayed with me: 'Ex means has-been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure.' Lovely chap..." Ian Allen (Data Processing, 1984)


Professor Lawrence Gowing - "His wonderful use of language and writings on Vermeer." Elsje Prins (Fine Arts 1976)


Lawrence Gowing - "Enthusiasm and knowledge." Sally Bruce (Textile Design 1973)


Dr John Graham - "Dr Graham was my dissertation tutor. He was one of the most knowledgeable tutors I have ever come across. He was an excellent lecturer and made very complex subjects accessible. He was extremely supportive when I was having problems with my research." Matt Roberts (Biology 2003)


Dr Avijit Gupta - "He helps me understand environmental processes and changed my outlook towards climate change." Meesha Tandon (Catchment Dynamics and Management 2007)


Professor Jim Guthrie - "Everything in the way he dealt with me." Mark Taylor (Colour Chemistry 1976)


Jim Guthrie - "His passion for both his subject and the school." Joanne Bainbridge (Colour Science 2009)

Last name starts with H

Dr Alaric Timothy Peter Hall - "Dr Hall's devotion both to his subject and his students was inspiring. He would always go the extra mile with each and every one of his students." Yvonne Murray (English Literature and Language 2010)


Dr Alaric Hall - "He made me discover a whole new world." Pastoret (English 2007)


Dr Alaric Hall - "Alaric is by far the most thoughtful and creative academic that I've had the privilege of knowing at Leeds. His lectures are supreme and his seminars have restored my faith in the power of whiteboards." Jack Butler (English Language and Literature 2014)


Tracey Hargreaves - "Her passion for the subject." Lauren Edge (English Literature and Language 2008)


Tracey Hargreaves - "Tracy was such an inspiration, and her lectures were always engaging, informative and I would always come away more eager to work. She's always happy to discuss anything with students and has the most wicked sense of humour." Maria Myers (English, Theology and Religious Studies, 2016)


Dr Simon Harlock - "His style of teaching and approaching people." Narayana Swamy Saravanan (Textiles 2001)


Malcolm Harrison - "He was very eccentric and kind - and knowledgable too! He made us tea in his study during tutorials. Very nice." Steph Singleton (MA Sociology 2001)


Malcolm Harrison - "Perfect support for and extremely good communication with students." Sinan Hatik (Social and Public Policy 2010)


Tony Harrison - "Intellectual discipleship." H J Adams (English 1970)


Dr Owen Hartley - "He made me think in a way that made me strengthen my case." Keith E Dredge (Pharmacology 2007)


Dr Owen Hartley - "Very friendly and helpful, yet rigorous in his academic approach. Made you think twice before submitting a paper." Robert Walter (International Studies 1994)


Dr Owen Hartley - "He interviewed & admitted me in unusual circumstances, so I owed him one! In tutorials he was challenging yet entertaining & a rigorous marker of course essays. Altogether a mind-stretching experience to which I sought to respond positively!" Bill Suringar (International History of Politics, 1975) Ian Wood -"His intelligence."


Dr Ali Hassanpour - "His passion for teaching, dedication to his duties and motivation were amazing. Very supportive." Mohamed Sherif (Petroleum Engineering 2013)


Harry Hassel - "Character." Andrew Pearson (Biochemistry 1978)


David Hayes - "Thought-provoking, open-minded and caring." Nor Asiah (TESOL 1994)


Dr John Heritage - "I always looked forward to lectures by Dr Heritage, there were personal anecdotes which were a great way to catch our attention and help us to learn. His enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge was clear to see! Thank you Dr Heritage!" Elizabeth Garry(Medical Microbiology 2008)


Bettina Hermoso Gomez - "I've never known a lecturer to work so hard to meet the students' needs. She is extremely supportive and helps her students overcome some of their biggest obstacles. She has faith in you when you have none in yourself. Compassionate, hardworking;" Teri (Spanish 2013) Russell Goulbourne Phoebe Norton (French 2013)

Last name starts with I

Eileen Ingham - "Made immunology interesting and understandable despite having to lecture for 4 hours in one day, one day a week for 6 weeks."


Elwyn Isaac - "His passion for research, dedication to science and motivation were inspiring. Highly supportive, and without his guidance I would not be where I am today." Dr Mark J.P. Kerrigan (Applied Biology 1999)


Dr Tajul Islam - "His love for his subject, enthusiasm and his impressive power point presentations! He taught me how to think outside the box. Very inspirational and professional teacher." Mohammed Bashir (Islamic Studies 2011)

Last name starts with J

Professor D W Jefferson - "His brilliance, depth of knowledge, and human kindness." Maxine Handy (English 1974, MA 1975)


David Jenkins - "Inspirational, great communicator, humourous, brilliantly academic. A deserved Bishop of Durham." Jacky Theodore-Baker (Philosophy and Religious Studies 1985)


David Jenkins - "Ten lectures meant to cover 2,000 years of church history. After ten still on 3rd Century due to David Jenkin's habit of departing from his script, saying something like "And this is the trouble with the Thatcher government"! Fascinating." Paul Brannen (Theology and Religious Studies 1986)


Prof. Jenny M. Jones - "Being an international student, her kindness and care for me really stood out and will always be something I carry to others too. Anyone who has Prof. Jones as their personal tutor will concur that they have the best personal tutor!" Lydna Law (Energy & Environmental Engineering 2009)


Professor Jenny M Jones - "She walked me through the final lap of my degree and made sure I was making good progress, especially with my final year design project! Left a deep impression in my life!" Lynda Law (Energy and Environmental Engineering 2009)


Professor Vivien Jones - " Dr Jones interviewed me, let me in, scared the living daylights out of me with her acuity; but then, when my confidence was failing on an essay, she made time to read the draft and encourage me. She remains a role model to this day. Thanks, Viven!" Jill LeBihan (English Language and Literature 1997)

Last name starts with K

Dr Ricky Kalliecharan - "Too helpful, relates to the students, nice style of teaching." Shalini Ahuja (Health Management Planning and Policy 2012)


Dr Ricky V Kalliecharan - "His style of teaching made the concepts stick in just the first time. Ricky epitomised HMPP and I always hoped his lessons would not end. I have been truly inspired by him." Abdul-Latif Tanko Iddrisu (MA HMPP 2012)


Professor Andrew Keay - "The way he motivated the students; a perfectionist." Suvradal Choudhury (LLM International and European Business Laws)


Professor Andrew Keay - "He was very approachable and he was very knowledgeable about corporate Law. He inspired me to undertake indepth study of Corporate Law." Onyinye Onwuchekwa (LLM International Corporate Law 2010)


Mark Kelmanson - "Best teacher of linear algebra and optimisation." Yifei (Fay) Zhao (Mathematics and Finance 2002)


Professor Arnold Kettle - "Brilliantly clear and thought-provoking - unlike some lecturers who might as well have told us which critics to consult..." John Rogers (Modern Languages 1966)


Dr Evy Kersale - "A very clever and kind man who was always willing to help. I was fortunate enough to have him as both a lecturer and personal tutor and his contribution to my studies at Leeds will always be remembered and appreciated." Lucy Cross (Mathematics 2010)


Matthew Kieran - "He made me think about art and our relationship to artworks in ways I'd never thought about before. He utilised the philosophical canon without being overly-deferential to it and championed the interdisciplinary potential of philosophy with psychology" Thomas Firth-Jones (Philosophy 2012)


Professor Matthew Kieran - "I got a shock when I signed up for Philosophy of Art and actually enjoyed it. He captured the entire lecture theatre's attention and his passion for his subject rubbed off on everyone. He definitely ended up making a lasting impression on people." Lara Butler (Philosophy & Italian 2005)


Dr Bethany Klein - "She was always so positive and engaging in her teaching. She supported me with my off the wall dissertation and always showed enthusiasm for it. I really valued her support and sense of humour during a stressful time!" Lucy Nicklin (Communications Studies 2011)


Dr Bethany Klein - "Passionate about her research and passing on knowledge. A supportive and encouraging dissertation tutor who was always available for a chat." Jennifer Armstead (Communications 2012)


Dr Jerry Knapp - "I didn't have the best of starts at Leeds, Jerry taught me that University wasn't just about study but about changing the way you view the world and yourself. Had a great humour and relaxed aura about him." Matt Stevenson (Medical Microbiology 2005)


Dr Peter Knapp - "A dear friend now, as well as my PhD supervisor." Donald Nicolson (PhD Health Services Research 2009)


Dr Knapton - "Was very friendly... For the first lecture hour in the morning, he established the rule for the latest arriving student to go to MJ and get coffees to all 7-8 of us in the classroom." Kemal Eren (Textile Industries 1974)

Last name starts with L

Dr Martin Lamb - "Simply a good man. We love you Dr. Lamb! Though other teachers were equally inspiring." John Emanual Sairam (TESOL Studies)


David Lamburn - "He patiently listened to ill-informed comments and gently guided one to a clearer understanding of the evidence." Robert Simpson (Local and Regional History 2002)


Owen Lattimore - "The world's greatest sinologist at that time, a riveting raconteur, tough guy who stood up to Senator McCarthy, Mongolia expert...I could go on." Ken Davies (Chinese Studies 1967)


Dr Mike Leeder - "He made sedimentary processes really come alive." Julia Turner (Geological Sciences 1981)


Professor Robin Le Poidevin - "His lectures were always an inspiration and his tutorials on key philosophical texts in first year were one of the great learning experiences of my time in Leeds." Alistair Harris (Philosophy 2006)


Professor Trevor Ling - "Inspirational lecturer and a kindly man, determined to get the best out of and for his students." Sue Thomas (History 1973)


Professor Trevor Ling - "A lovely man who was a great teacher." Dorothy Boero Vargas (English and Religious Studies 1968)


Dr Heather Logue - The empowerment of women within the field of Philosophy Becky Winwood (Philosophy 2014)


Dick Loxton - "The jokes, and when he threw our tutorial group out of his office." John David Tearle (Animal and Plant Biology 1991)


Professor Basil Lythgoe - "His lectures on the identification of taxane structure inspired be to be a Research Chemist. 40 yrs later I carried out oncology clinical trials on taxane-related compounds." Marilyn Randall (Chemistry, 1966)

Last name starts with M

Patrick Macartney - "His teaching skills, passion and never-ending support throughout my entire degree. He truly helped me reach my full potential!" Emma Louise Daglish (Sociology 2011)


Patrick Macartney - "Pat pretty much single-handedly kept the evening provision for sociology part time courses going back in the day. From the start he believed in me even to the point of using my work as examples to other students." Christian Bodden (MA Sociology & Social Policy 2013)


Alasdair MacIntyre - "Brilliant mind, and exciting lecturer." Professor Tony Coxon (Sociology, Philosophy 1961)


Professor Steven Male - Ehsan Asgari (ICME 2009)


Professor Steven Male - "The way of his addressing and the way he taught." Fatehuddin Junejo (Engineering Project Management 2006)


Professor Steven Male - "His Mode of delivery of the course content (in Procurement Management, Value Management and Advanced Value Management) was spot on." Godfrey Bihemaiso (MEng Int Construction Management and Engineering 2007)


Dr Iain Mangham - "Enthusiasm." Colin B Probyn (MA Organisational Studies 1969)


Professor Irene Manton - "I recall attending a first year Botany course, on which Manton lectured in 1962/3, including field trips. She gave out a reading list (typed on one side of A4) which I would love to refind." Francis Reed (Biochemistry and Chemistry, 1967)


Professor Dugald MacPherson - "Massive enthusiasm for his specialisms and fantastic lectures."


Dr Ronald Markillie - "The late Dr Markillie, psychoanalyst and medical man, taught me on the Psychotherapy Diploma course in 1979 and his insights have stood me in good stead throughout my career, chiefly in thinking about how people behave in organizations and politics." Dr Kenneth Gray (PGDip Psychotherapy 1979)


John Maule - "Truly understood and was passionate about the module he taught (management decision making). Had a unique ability to make the lectures engaging, challenging and interesting, while being personable and deliver with a sense of humour!" Abi Foster (Business Management 2010)


Stuart McAnulla - "An inspiring personal tutor. But mostly, his love of vimto." Jenny Hall, nee Lynch (Politics 2005)


Patrick McCartney - "Pat was inspirational and knowledgeable and had a warm heart. He was devoted to his students and was always approachable. His lively character made him everyone's favourite lecturer. A credit to the Unviersity and missed by all who knew him." Nicola Moore (Sociology 2012)


Verena McCririck - "A lovely lady in the Spanish Department in the 1950s. Considerate & compassionate & a wonderful pianist who gave lunchtime recitals in the Great Hall." Sheila Doherty (BA French 1954)


Professor John McLeod - "Incredible passion for social and historical contexts in literature, and his ability to give you the skills to translate texts in the widest, most insightful understandings." Cornelia Lucey (English Literature and Language 2006)


Doctor Des McLernon - "Truly inspirational Teacher & Academic Leader" Dimitrios Boundris (Electronic & Electrical Engineering 2005)


Professor Robert McNeill Alexander - "A calm, wise and inspirational teacher". Sarah Caffyn (Zoology 1990)


Dr "Mystic" Megson - "Old-school and uncompromising yet very understanding of undergraduates and our failings" Richard Garvey (Civil Engineering 1999)


Professor Peter Meredith - "Peter used to teach us medieval drama. A group of us from the WT attended the 1997 Camerino mediaeval conference. He sat next to me on a plane when no one else would. What else can I say? He was a true inspiration and I felt honoured to be taught by him!" Laura Pearson, nee Park (English Literature and Theatre Studies 2000)


Aaron Meskin - "He is a really cool guy, has great taste in music, and specialises in my favourite area of philosophy." Stacey Godward (Philosophy 2011)


Ralph Miliband - "His 'presence', charm and infectious enthusiasm."


Professor John Monaghan - "He is always ready to offer good advice and his approach to research evidence presentation is simple and straightforward." Ibikunle Olanrewaju Farajimakin (MA Mathematics Education 2010)


Professor John Monagham - "His ability to manage the student-teacher relationship and his love for the growth of mathematics education through research in Math Educ. His love for student progress as he took time to follow up every move of our coursework and assignments." Bernadette Frinwie Ntemna (MA Mathematics Education 2005)


Professor John Monagham - "He's incredibly knowledgeable in the discipline. He's also passionate with his students and appreciates the slightest improvement done by his students in comprehending the concept he passes on." Julius Cheny (MA Mathematics Education 2009)


Krisen Moodley - "Kris has an interesting perspective on looking into strategic plans in the world of engineering. A young engineer like myself are inspired as he delivered the history of how technology has revolutionised and making another milestone in the industry." Shamin Nadiah Ngadimin (Engineering Project Management, 2016)


Jayne Moon - "She inspired me to believe in myself. To adapt the knowledge I received to the situation in my country -Malaysia. I feel that I have so much to give to my country especially in the learning of English Language. I respect her for she believes in me." Nor Aisah Noordin (TESOL 1995)


Professor Morgan - "He made cosmology interesting and exciting despite its difficulty. His lectures were always fun..if sometimes slightly eccentric." Debbie Slater, nee Morrell (Physics 1982)


Rachel Muers - "Incredibly knowledgable and Her pastoral care and consideration for her students is sensational. She took a risk and admitted me (without alevels) as a mature student and had every faith in my success even when I didn't. She kept me going." Gemma Houlahan (Theology and RS 2011)


Lynette Muir - "Her enthusiasm, fantastic depth of knowledge, and fascinating lectures delivered without notes were the highlight of my time in the French department." David Perry (Greek Civilisation & French 1976)


David Murdoch - He was the ultimate maverick who encouraged us to think for ourselves. Justin Kelly (History 1993)


David H Murdoch - "David Murdoch's enthusiasm for his own subject was infectious. He offered a course in the Mythology of the West that was just more engaging than any of the other courses I took. A legend." Mark Jepson (History 1991)


Stuart Murray - "So knowledgable, approachable, had infectious enthusiasm and belief in his students." Caroline Leach (English Language and Literature 2008)

Last name starts with N

Professor Chris Nash - "Earned my academic knowledge because I used to attend his lectures regularly. The subject was not easy, but it has raised my confidence, which made me to choose my professional career as a Consultant in the Traffic & Transportation Planning Industry." Dr Shamsul Hoque (PhD Transportation Studies 2006)


Professor Jurgen Neuberg - His passion for his students.


Professor Adam Neville - "The competency." Fahmi Saleh Abdul-Qader (BSc Civil Engineering 1980)


Dr D E Nicholson - "His enthusiasm and gift for passing that on to his students."


Judith Nordby - "Helped me improve my essay writing, often beyond the call of duty. Someone who cares about education, and I remain grateful to her!!"


Dr Shelia Nunn - "Enthusiasm for the subject she teaches makes it easier to understand." Sam Collins (Human Physiology 2011)

Last name starts with O

William (Bill) O'Donnell - "I know he was my Dad so I'm biased but his students always came first." Kathleen O'Donnell (Spanish 1976)


Wiliam (Bill) O'Donnell - "Very friendly and understanding, encouraging and helping post graduate students from all over the world regardless of their academic performance." George Tavridis (MA Linguistics and English Language Teaching 1975)


Stuart Ogden - "He made us feel at ease and subtly convinced us that we knew more than we thought we did: an academic irony if ever there was one!" Mark Rasdall (Economics 1981)


Stan Openshaw - "Hyper forward thinking revolutionary genius. Passionate about his subject and stood up to his critics. Stan cared greatly about people and society and tried to make a positive difference applying computationl geography for the benefit of us all." Andrew Turner (Geography and Mathematics 1996)


Quentin Outram - "The way he used to take interest in people's ideas and how he helped develop them. I think that is what a professor should be doing, help the students understand where they stand and how to go further from there on." Sakshi Sikka (Economics and Finance 2014)

Last name starts with P

John Palmer - "He opened up a lot of the Yorkshire landscape for me in the Geography dept." Bill Burgess (Geography 1958, Education 1974)

Bruce Partridge - "He could inspire, I have always carried the framework of what he said around in my head." Allan Russell (German/Management Studies 1981)

Jeff Peakall - "Enthusiasm, energy and the best smile ever!" Louise Usher (Geological Sciences 2005)

Sue Pearson - "Sue was inspirational, genuine and her analytical thought on educational issues helped me in forming my theory and practice in my work as special needs teacher." Eleni Armaou (MA in Special Educational Needs 2007)

Sue Pearson - "Her analyical thinking on Disability Policies inspired me a lot in shaping my Theory and Practice as a teacher." Helen Armaou (MA in Special Educational Needs 2007)

Debbie Phillips - "I just want to nominate her because of her kindness when I was struggling at my second year in Leeds 1993-94. I went on later in life to become a teacher of Aspergers young adults! It is help through adversity which helps you achieve your goals!" Jonathan Paul Sweeney (Geography 1996)

Griselda Pollock - "Radical, intellectual and political feminist with both feet firmly on the ground." Rebecca Scott (History of Art and Philosophy 1986)

Griselda Pollock - "She was inspirational, insightful and accessible. She opened my eyes to a new way of seeing things and had a real humanity." Claire Kanani (History of Art 1997)

Griselda Pollock - "I was so inspired by her books & publications while studying art history as an undergrad in the United States, that I picked the University of Leeds to be the school that I wanted to pursue a master's degree. She is a phenomenal instructor." Virginia Hall (Art Gallery & Museum Studies 2003)

Simon Popple - "Incredibly passionate about his subject matter (Photography). This really helped to spur my own interest and passion." Charlotte Sintrat (Cinema, Photography and Television Studies 2010)

Bill Potts and Bon Royle - "Passion for mining engineering and humour." Mike Kelly (Mining Engineering 1985)

Eric Prenowitz - "Really motivational. He always wants us to think for ourselves and said his job is to provide the tools to do so. Even if our opinions crash he is always interested to hear your reasoning for it. And he sincerely finds it interesting. No right or wrong." Gabriele Kizyte (History of Art 2017)

Professor Reginald Preston - "Great story teller; god father of the subject (Biophysics); dangerous character as taking notes was often forgotten!" Tony Evans (Botany and Chemistry 1975)

Jon Prosser - "He enjoyed an excellent sense of openness to people of international backgrounds." Dr Anas Al-Fattal (PhD Education 2010)

Michael Pye - "His wisdom." Phil East (Philosophy and Religious Studies 1982)

Last name starts with Q

Dr Ozz Querin - "His infectious enthusiasm." Matt Oughton (Mechanical Engineering 2005)

Last name starts with R

Hugo Radice - "Had such a rich and well-nourished knowledge base. He taught in such a simple yet very effective way that at the end, I wished we were at the beginning." Wadadha Johnson Brian Sankara (MA Development Studies 2001)


Jason Ralph - "He tutored me and believed in me even in the darkest moments of my Masters Degree when I failed woefully. I didn't give up because he went the extra mile to coach and put me though alot of things." Oluwatooki Olugboji (MA Conflict, Development and Security 2010)


Professor Gary Rawnsley - "He always greeted me very nicely and sincerely, opened to different arguments that i proposed when talking about essay drafts, and he always tried to give the relevant solution to every concerns that i expressed. He's so helpful during my masters year"


Prof John Reed - "He is very open for new ideas and not only teach but ready to be taught also" Sumeet Bhandari (MA Advertising and Marketing 2001)


Jon Reast - "He encouraged us to think out of the box and was brilliant in communicating his learning." Swati Pandit (MA Advertising and Marketing 2003)


Jon Reast - "It was because of Jon's insight, help and patience that we secured a distinction for our group dissertation;eternally grateful!" Preeti Chhatbar (MA Marketing and Advertising 2005)


Dr Rice - "He pursuaded me to complete my course when I was desperate to leave and that was a great help." Craig Taylor (Mineral Engineering 1994)


Professor Brian Richardson - "Really brought the Italian language to life with this lectures relating to dialects. Also loved the media course. He was a very sympathetic Sub Dean of Arts." Anna Angelini (BA (hons) Italian and Management Studies 1989)


William Riha - "He was there for us, approachable. :-)" Kieran Ryan (Computer Science 1988)


William Riha - "He was always happy to divert topics when someone asked an interesting question. His eccentricity made things fun. I found him a genuine and warm person." Phil Weighill-Smith (Computational Science and Physics 1987)


Dom Rimmington - "Relentlessly positive about subject, students and staff." Andrew Disbury (Chinese and French 1984)


Richard De Ritter - "He re-awakened my passion for English lit in my 3rd year. He encouraged me to think and write about what inspired me and was interested in what his students had to say. He enabled me to explore and enjoy for myself-the hallmark of a magnificent teacher!" Sophie Morton-Angel (English 2013)


Professor Matthew Robson - "His knowledge of the subject and his approachable nature."


Professor Matthew Robson - "Very knowledgable. Always bring you a new perspective for every case discussed in lectures or seminar. I really learned a lot from him." Yu-Cheng Chiu (MSc International Marketing Management 2013)


John Rodgers - "I loved how he managed to turn a very scientific and dry topic into a story. My favourite lectures were his on Drugs, Hormones and Behaviour." Isabella Cheung (Psychology 2012)


John Rodgers - Kathryn Smith (Psychology 2014)


Dr Caroline Rose -She made the dullest subjects interesting, relatable and funny. I took all her modules even if I had no interest in the topic; all were brilliant. Was always available for advice as a dissertation supervisor, even though I was a terrible supervisee." Fiona Gillies (Japanese 2012)


George MacDonald Ross - "Innovation - He tried new things in admissions, in teaching, in his research and his running of the department. And great hair." Mike Ratcliffe (Philosophy 1991)


George MacDonald Ross - "Fine intellect and compassionate heart, great talker."


Dr Eugene Rothstein - "His faith in taking me on as a research student for PhD." Dr William Granville Schofield (BSc Chemistry 1955, PhD Organic Chemistry 1959)


ProfessorH S Ruse - "He really cared about people. He had compassion and humility." Neville Richards (Mathematics 1967)


Dr Li Ruru - "Her passion for Chinese literature and her stress on the importance of education given that her own education was interrupted by the Cultural Revolution. Strict but fair." Conor Stuart (Chinese & Spanish 2007)


Dr Li Ruru - "Ruru was the wonderful 'mama' of our department. In the best tradition of Chinese teachers, she cared for the whole person, and helped us build a strong foundation in Chinese while making it a fun experience and sharing her precious personal stories." Rachel White (Chinese & Linguistics 1998)

Last name starts with S

Colin Sage - "He changed my life! I was so inspired by Geography of Latin America that I moved out there to work, set up a charity which lasted for 25 years, and I still live there now - 30 years later. Thank you!" Julia McNaught da Silva (Spanish with French 1985)


Roberto Rodriguez Saona - "His enthusiasm, overall positive demeanour, and constant guidance." Danielle Luty (Spanish 2012)


Professor Katharine Sarikakis - "She was caring and responsible. Always giving good ideas and constructive feedback. Encouraged me when I was writing to not give up. I passed without corrections." Jian Hui Lee (MA Res Communication Studies 2012)


Malcolm Sawyer - "He could put complicated issues into the most straightforward examples, was always relayed and dressed youthfully, but not in a ridiculous way." Julian Theisen (Economics and Management 2007)


Professor Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppe - "His charm!" Siyabonga Chule (Financial Mathematics 2007)


Phil Scott - "Humour, creativity, smartness." Zoe Patsalou (MA Science Education 2007)


Dr John Schwartzmantel - "Brilliant lecturer. I mean 'why no revolution?' " Nicola Engel-Khan (Political Studies 1987)


Dr John Schwartzmantel - "He was fun and made politics interesting!" Michael Barker (Political Studies 1984)


Peter Seago - "Great teacher, character and HUMAN above all."


Dr David Seawright - "Interesting, enthusiastic, humorous." Lucy Minshall (Politics and Parliamentary Studies 2006)


Dr Peter Sedgwick - "He was funny, clever, inspiring and great company." Colin Ross (Politics and International Studies, 1976)


Professor Shackleton - "I don't know - He was inspirational and just "so cool" Jill Douglass (nee Elliott) (Geography 1974)


Ingrid Sharp - "When I arrived at Leeds Uni for the open day, I was instantly hooked on the German Dept after listening to Ingrid speak. Throughout my time at Leeds she continued to inspire and encourage me. She also cared about student welfare." Catherine Williams (nee Wintrip) (French and German 2009)


Professor Mustapha Sheikh - "His enthusiasm and his incessant will to make students reflect on very sensitive issues. He was very inspirational to me."


Professor Tom Shippey - "Funny, witty, innovative, passionate about science fiction, always finished lectures 'on the bell'." Tamba K. Amara (MSc ICME)


Professor Tom Shippey - "Tom Shippey was charismatic. He was obviously extremely bright but he never talked down to you. His lectures were funny and he was engaging and witty in tutorials. I think the only essay I ever submitted on time was for Professor Shippey. Enough said." Maura Boland (English 1991)


Tom Shippey - "I'll never forget his science fiction seminars, particularly the one where he praised Jane Austen's technique then said, 'but she wrote about boring people doing boring things.'"


Professor Tom Shippey - "Down to earth, full of life yet very learned academic who made a difficult subject more accessible. Great lectures." Carol Hogarth (English Literature 1983)


Professor Tom Shippey - "Lectures were funny but brilliant. He would set out his stall at the beginning, illustrate and explore it, then bring you right back to the central point at the end so you couldn't miss it.Having become a teacher myself, I appreciate how hard that is" Lauren Hawkins (English 1991)


John Smart - Quite simply, he was such a kind, helpful man. He was always ready to offer his advice and concerned himself with the welfare of others even to offering to share his family's home with me when I was finding it hard to study in my halls. Thank you, John Stephen Bontoft (Classics 1980)


Alan Smith - He was the lead teacher of the group of our TEO Diploma tutors in the OESG 1973/74 academic year. The TEO programme was well organized under his leadership with courses tied up to the pivotal course Principles and Practice of TEO, which he implemented. H Abdulrahman al-Sayyid (Education 1974)


Dr Smith - "His openness and warmth. He truly listened and gave remarkable feedback on a subject I disliked." Mike Parslow (Chemistry 1963)


Dr Colin Smith - "He passed on his love for Medieval Spanish Literature. He also cared for all his students." Jenifer Cummings (Spanish 1963)


Dr C Colin Smith - "Colin's warmth and enthusiasm for his subject . As well as introducing his students to Medieval Literature, he specialised in the early language, backing up the course in Linguistics of Professor Ullman. Colin was also a good cricketer." Brian Kenworthy (Spanish 1961)


Mr J A Smith - "Tony Smith was my personal advisor as well as our lecturer in Knitting Technology. If it was not for his constant encouragement, I would have left Leeds in the first week as I found the technology part of the course very difficult." Sepi Mehjoo (Textile design 1985)


Dr Richard Smith - "Delivered interesting lectures infused with humour. We had a great field trip to the Sierra Nevada, Spain, in 1980 and I still have pictures of us standing on a sun baked hill terrace whilst he delivered his speech about the flora, rocks etc. Caring tutor." Catherine Trees (Geography 1981)


Professor JB Speakman - "He was the head of Textiles during and after World War2. He was advanced in research,a great leader of his colleagues - people with knowledge and character. I was a mediocre student but he encouraged me and when I was abroad in the RAF he kept in touch." Malcolm Berwin (Textiles & Economics 1951)


Dr Barbara Spensley - "Enthusiastic, knowlegable, interesting, a lovely person to know. She really knew her subject and understood her students." Maureen A Carr (Theology 1999)


Dr Barbara Spensley - "I never thought New Testament Ancient Greek manuscripts would be my favourite subject. She had a unique, down to earth style bringing life to an ancient subject. I always looked forward to her lectures." Kim Kersey (Theology and Religious Studies 1996)


Dr Barbara Spensley - "Her enthusiasm and her thoroughness." Mike Marsh (Theology and Pastoral Studies 2007)


David Steele - "He made me believe I could do empirical historical research and rekindled the dying embers of my studies." Angela O'Neill (History 1974)


Dr Claudia Sternberg - "Her 'postcolonial critique' module changed the way I look at the world. She is brilliant yet humble, approachable and compassionate." Hannah Smith (Cultural Studies 2012)


Professor John Stillwell - "A brilliant geographer who never spoon fed us answers, but encouraged us to think for ourselves. I found it inspiring to receive lectures from someone so passionate about their field. I use the skills that he taught me everyday in my job." Jasmine Adkins (Geography 2013)


Dr Jon Summers - "Everything! Incredibly inspiring teaching methodology and personality. He made me want to know, see and understand aerodynamics, mathematics and CFD." Ragavan Shreyas (Mechanical Engineering 2011)


Dr Jon Summers - "The way he teaches and makes understandable the most complicated modules such as aerodynamics, CFD, etc." Dimitrios Amorginos (MSc Mechanical Engineering 2006)


Ed Sunderland - "Ed supported and guided me and helped me to believe in myself. Couldn't have done it without him." Sarah Sullivan (Open Study with Human Biology 2011, Psychology 2014)

Last name starts with T

Mr Tailby - "He was a charming man and an excellent teacher." Philippa Saddington (French Language Literature with German 1991)


Dr Anne Tallontire - "Now a days I say ?CSR and sustainable development is my research interest??.the interest was created by Dr. Anne. Thank you so much Dr. Anne for inspiring me, giving me the courage and be there by my side throughout my degree." Samina Afrin (MsC Sustainability 2010)


Charles Taylor - "Very helpful and intelligent." Nasira Asghar (MS Statistics 2009)


Professor Charles Taylor - "Passionate about his subject (maths!) and about students, funny, polite and willing to share his thoughts and listen. Great motivator for the maths department! I miss Leeds" Jason Yallop (Mathematics with Management 2009)


Professor Charles Taylor - "Very clever, hardworking and willing to go that extra mile and share his mathematical wisdom. I owe him a great deal and am very grateful. Lovely man!" Lucy Cross (Mathematics 2010)


Professor Philip Taylor - "An engaging style of teaching. He made lectures fun and life easy." Zeenia Shaukat (MA Communications Studies 2005)


Dr. Paul Taylor - "I can safely say that his class was the most interesting and though-provoking in the entire course and he was a very good teacher! None of his lectures was ever boring, you would always learn something new!" Emmanouela Politi (MA Communication Studies 2004)


Phil Taylor - "Phil's passion for learning, teaching and mentoring students was unending. He always took time to discuss issues and share his amazing insights with me. I'm sorry that he passed away and he'll no longer be able to inspire future students at Leeds." Kristina Watson (MA International Communications 2002)


Mademoiselle Thyss - She was an inspiration to us, as a respected teacher of French history. She lived through WW2 and rescued many of the persecuted. "Une piece chauffee!" Joyce Tran (Modern Languages 1963)


Dr Loreto Todd - "She could make English grammar the most fascinating subject ever." Jo Ingram (English 1994)


Loreto Todd - "The breadth of interest and expertise in Modern English Grammar." Sue Paine (formerly Atkinson) (English 1977)


Colin Toothill, Dr Karen Lee, Barry Holroyd - "Marvellous. They are best teachers in my life. God bless them and Leeds."


Professor Dave Towers - "Kind and generous." Ngan Shan Ye (BEng Mechanical Engineering 2011)


Dr P P Townend - "Great advisor and sense of humour."


Professor John Trinick - "He just had such an impact, even though he wasn't in the POLIS dept"


Dr John Truscott "Being the only non-medic on a Medical Imaging MSc was fairly daunting. John was a great support and made sure I stuck to it #inspiration" Andrew Ferris (Sports Science and Physiology 2006)


Professor John Truss - "Prof Truss used to bring a smile to everyone's face. He made lectures fun and engaging and he stands out by far as one of the best lecturers I had in my 3 years at Leeds. Brilliant!" Mathew Norval (Mathamatics 2012)

Last name starts with U

Stephen Ullmann - "He was a world renowned scholar in his field (the Semantics branch of Linguistics) but no student's problem, however trivial, was too much trouble for him. He was unfailingly delightful and courteous to all. We all loved him!" Roy Ludlow (French 1967 Education 1968)

Last name starts with V

Jochen Voss - "Contagiously passionate and "ruthlessly" exact lecturer in statistical subjects. A gold standard." Alexios Spanos (MSc Statistics 2012)

Last name starts with W

Dr Geoffrey Waddington - "A teacher, guide and mentor who shared knowledge and wisdom. A very down to earth approach, never talking down to students, Dr Waddington was a very passionate teacher and researcher who inspired me to be better." Peter Catterall (International History & Politics 1995)


Paul Waley - "His great enthusiasm and passion for his work."


Aisha Walker - "She was always willing to help and absolutely enthusiastic about her work and her students." Vera Alves (ICT & Education 2011)


Aisha Walker - "Being dyslexic, my tutor, Aisha Walker, helped in any way she could, clarifying work, providing extra feedback, and most importantly, taking an interest in me as a person. Aisha's commitment to me helped me gain a place at Oxford for my PhD! Thanks Aisha" Paul William Grove (ICT and Education 2011)


Professor Clive Walker - "A legend"


Dr Chloe Wallace - "Chloe helped me through a very rough time with the death of my mother whilst on a year abroad with Erasmus. I called her for the first time in seven years this week and she remembered exactly who I was."


Professor JK Walls - "Known as Daddy Walls he gave the most inspiring lectures on Anatomy particularly his impression of a foetus undergoing normal gut rotation!" Heather Bowmer (Medicine, 1974)


Dr Ernst Wangermann - "His breadth of knowledge, clarity of thought and humanity." Wayne Jack Marland (History 1970)


Rev Kevin Ward - "Friendship and mentorship." Ferdinand Anno (PhD Theology and Religious Studies 2007)


Rev Dr. Kevin Ward - "A critical believer, down to earth mentor, friendship, true pastoral theologian and brilliant intellectual" Patrick Magumba


Dr Andrew Warnes - "He once began a lecture with the video to Radiohead's Lotus Flower and then dissected the politics of Thom Yorke's dancing. He opened my eyes to the world outside of literature." Amelie Sells (English and Spanish 2011)


Stuart Warriner - "Even though he taught a subject that I found challenging and was not very good at he still made his lectures interesting and easy to understand. He also put on extra lecture classes for those who were struggling. Always very approachable outside lectures." Ruby Hawes (Chemistry 2013)


Dean Waters - "He was fantastic at explaining statistics! This meant I understood what to do and no longer fear statistics!" Rachael Hall (Ecology and Environmental Biology 2010)


Dean Waters - "Always made lectures a joy to attend and inspirational. Usually with props and acting skills. He even made statistics fun!" Stacey Waring (Zoology 2009)


Dean Waters - "Always had time to help or just chat. Made me feel very settled and at home from day one! Still in touch regularly all these years later". Christine Press (Zoology 2006)


Dean Waters - "He was always so supportive and knowledgeable and always enjoyed his statistics lectures and I was even luck enough to have him as my tutor!" Jaye Rogers (Zoology 2008)


Professor Alan Watson - "His passions for the highest energy cosmic-rays turned into an international project (Pierre Auger) which involves more than 500 scientists around the globe. Our understanding of universe would not be the same without his efforts and inspirational ideas." Lu Lu (Physics & Astronomy, 2014)


Dr Andrew Waun - "Funny, interesting, made Medieval literature seem relevant and fascinating." Sylvia Thomas (English 1985)


Dr Martin Wedell - "He's got style, man!" Johnson Ocan (MEd, TESOL 2005)


Dr Murray Wesson - "Mr Wesson was absolutely brilliant. He was not only my lecturer, he was also my personal tutor. As a fellow African, he totally understood the challenges I faced culturally in England. Under his tutelage I thrived, and I am happy I attended Leeds Uni." Osarodian Judith Esoa (Law 2008)


Professor Paul Wignall - "Too much to learn from him! Great presenter, great teacher!" Naz (Geological Sciences 2012)


Philip Wilby - "He is well known for his compositions, but he was also a brilliant ensemble and choir director. He brought out the best in us." Helen Audley (nee Chaplin) (Music 1979)


Phil Wilby - "His passion for encouraging students to explore music beyond their comfort zone and having the insight and belief in the future of his students." Karen Wise (Music 1995)


Professor Haddon Willmer - Brian Abell (Theology and Religious Studies 1996)


Dr Adrian Wilson - "He taught me how to read! Fiercely intelligent, but always with an open mind to new discoveries. Kind, generous, good fun, most of all a great teacher - he was able to get the very best out of his students and I am constantly thinking back on his advice." Sarah Hinton (MA Philosophy 2014)


Luke Windsor - "He was very enthusiastic about his subject (music psychology), great at conveying that to students, and very approachable. I looked forward to his lectures and seminars more than any others, and always enjoyed the assignments we were set." Rob Summers (Joint Honours Maths & Music 2006)


Luke Windsor - "Luke was always encouraging; he inspired me to persevere in spite of obstacles, he made the time to talk through my research ideas and made me feel like the work I wanted to do was actually useful - thank you Luke!" Charlotte Heslop (Applied Psychology of Music 2013)


Professor Ian Wood - "His evident passion for history in both lectures and tutorials spurred me on to acheive the best grade possible in his modules." Matthew Crackell (History 2012)


Dr Wilding and Dr Boesten - "Always willing to attend to me to discuss my essays even without an appointment. Also they were always willing to explain further after lectures to clarify things I did not understand, or advise on further reading." Miss Ralueke E. Parkin (nee Atusiubah) (Theatre and Development Studies 2008)

Last name starts with Z

Dr Li X Zhang - "Dr Zhang could be described as a person full of knowledge. Dr Zhang's ready-to-help attitude at any time towards students facing problems in course modules or projects was simply good. I am still connected with her and do discuss concepts and code." Shailesh R Patil (MSc in Modern Digital & RF Wireless Communications 2010)

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