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I'm a Leeds fan because...

Leeds offered everything I wanted: challenging courses that demanded critical and original thinking and a thriving social scene offered by a myriad of school societies and a busy city centre. I loved it. I miss it. And I wouldn’t trade my year for anything in the world.

Chris Pine, Hollywood actor; films include Star Trek, Jack Ryan, People Like Us (English exchange student 2001)

Are you a fan of Leeds?

We all love our University. What is it about Leeds that stands out for you?

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Are you a fan? Tell us why you love Leeds

"When I saw the gig list for my first term, winter 1974, I knew that I had come to the right university. I had great fun working as an ents steward, stage crew member and on the ents committee. I even got a law degree!"

Ian Berry
Law 1977


"I learned how to dream big, take chances and to try new things. I loved how practical the courses were and the great opportunities that I got to gain work experience. Lastly the diversity of students at Leeds and the support international students got".

Olivia Ambani
Communications Studies 2006


"I loved studying at Leeds. Brilliant university and great city. My years at Leeds were about far more than just my course and I made friends for life".

Philippa Cuttell
Food Science 1992


"Scientifically I grew up in Leeds when I did my MSc and PhD 1979 & 1984.Thank you for all the University lecturers, fellow students, and the people support. It was wonderful time".

Dr Muthana Jameel
PhD Mechanical Engineering 1984


"I really enjoyed my time in Leeds. It is a wonderful place to study and live".

Dimitris Amorginos
Mechanical Engineering 2006


"Being a University of Leeds graduate changed my life. After following the Master of Science programme in Environmental pollution control I got my PhD in Education in Cuba and Bolivia but I consider myself a Leeds alumnus above all!"

Alvaro Padilla
Environment Pollution Control 1991


"The city had a massive impact on me. I did my first year at Bretton Hall, but then studied and lived in Leeds itself. It’s such a vibrant city and culturally it is second to none in terms of the theatre on offer.”

Katy Rudd
Theatre & Performance 2009


"Staff and students took over a disused railway and ran train rides for the 1960 Rag Week. So Leeds pioneered the heritage railway industry, which now turns over £100m/yr. I am proud to have been involved as a volunteer for over 50 years."

Mervyn Leah
French 1967


"Made life-long friends, followed a sport that I loved for many years and left me with great memories and started a professional career that I've followed ever since."

Robert Cawte
Mechanical Engineering 1984


"I loved Leeds and the people. Went back 2013 to stay for long weekend and Leeds has changed, lots of new shopping centres and I only recognised the market and Merrion Centre. The people however had not changed, as friendly as ever."

Julia Denney
Social Policy and Administration 1988


"I loved the city then and I love it even more now. It was a great place to grow up as an adult and to become responsible. I enjoyed being educated to a high standard and getting out what you deserved for the effort you put in. I liked the campus (even though there is a lot of concrete)...everything you need is there and close to the city...but not right in the city.."

Andrew Jackson
MEng Chemical Engineering 1997


"I had a fantastic year at Leeds doing the MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering in 2002 in what continues to be a world-class department (ITS). I studied and lived with students from all over the world, many of whom are still friends as we keep in touch across continents. I cherish the time I spent there both in the University and the beautiful city."

Ira Gupta
MSc Transport Studies 2002


"Leeds Uni made my life happen. 22 years further down the road I have a professional career, family, my own home, great lifestyle... None of this would have happened If Leeds Uni had not taken me in."

Tom Law
Zoology 1990


"Thanks to my professors and fellow Physics students for a great time. I arrived not knowing what I wanted to do and ended up as an astronomer. I really enjoyed the campus life and I'd happily do it again. :)"

Sarah Unger Higdon
Physics 1986


"The University of Leeds overall experience has a great, positive mark; wherever I have used the university's name, immediately, people around acknowledged me. Where I am standing now, I cannot ignore the contribution I received."

Shamsul Hoque
PhD Transport Studies 2006


"Leeds Uni changed my life forever and for the better! My Food Science degree opened up a career in Food Manufacturing. The cross country running club provided me with sport and a great social life."

Mike Lambert
Food Science 1973


"I love Leeds, and I always encourage my current A Level law students to study law at Leeds. I still return to Leeds two or three times a year to watch the rugby and cricket as well as returning to my favourite pubs in Headingley."

Christian Oliver
Law 1994


"Leeds University was an amazing experience. The friendships I developed are still going strong over 10 years later. It provided me with the skills needed to progress in my current career."

Catherine Rudkin
Biomedical Sciences 2002


"Leeds uni simply changed my life and gave me all the skills and attitude I'm using now and will be with me for the rest of my life. It is more than University it is a life experience that changes you inside."

Luca Sorbello
Computer Science 1998


"Leeds University completely changed my life. I met some wonderful people there (lecturers and fellow students) who altered my world view completely. I can genuinely say my years at Leeds were among the happiest in my life."

Patricia Mayo
Psychology and Sociology 1985


"A different life began the day I arrived on the campus. Gone was the upbringing in a safe, protected home which did not attempt to understand the happenings on the rest of the planet. Leeds gave the new perspective. Priceless! And I graduated."

John Harwood
Materials 1973


"Whilst growing up in Leeds in the ‘60s and ‘70s I never dreamt I'd go to the University, but I managed to fulfil my ambition later in life by studying part-time; quite hard-going, but it was worth every minute when my whole family came to see me graduate."

Alison Glew
Combined Arts 2001


"I never realised when I sent in my UCAS form that the choice to go to Leeds was going to send me to so many places around the world and to work with so many different people. Couldn't have made a better choice!" 

Oliver Matthews
MA Chinese & Business 2001


"I am proud of my degree because, at the time, the Bacteriology department was very exclusive. Only eight people graduated in my year, of which I was one. The year before the department only had four students and the year before that there were only two."

Christina Brownridge
Bacteriology 1967


"I'm proud of my Leeds degree 'cause now I have understanding of the EU and its policy, and only a minority of Europeans can say that! I got historical insights into the grounds of imperialism."

Stan Bovyn
European Studies 2007


"My First Class Honours Degrees at Leeds University allowed me to proceed to a Master degree at CUHK and then a PhD degree at Imperial College London under the supervision of Sir Prof Adrian Smith, now the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London."

Boris Choy
Mathematics 1990


"I had an amazing experience at Leeds; and it certainly hasn't faded with the passing of the years. It also helps that my degree is still relevant, and tends to impress prospective employers ;) I've worn my Leeds hoodie with pride all over the world."

Saskina Zaigham
Communications Studies 2006


"I grew up at Leeds, the University & city. The exposure to the diversity of people and opportunities leaving me with a true education far broader than degree alone. Leeds runs through me like words through a stick of rock!"

Duncan Crawford
Physics 1978


"Studying at Leeds Uni literally changed my life. I met friends from around the world. I had the opportunity to study subjects that genuinely interested me. I learnt how to live an adult life."

Adam Lorens
Linguistics and Phonetics 2011


"I am a fan of Leeds Uni because it introduced me to a lifelong love of learning. Before attending in 1979 I'd completed O-Levels and A-Levels as a chore, an aside to my main life if you like; from 1979 onwards learning became core."

Mark Chambers
Geography 1982


"My BSc in CS was the start of a career I have spent in Computing, thank you. But Leeds was more than a degree, I have so many fond memories of living in Tetley Hall, the city itself, and the friends I made. "

Rebecca Grinter
Computing 1991


"I made the most excellent friends, from my mates at St Marks to the thespians at the Union and the others in-between."

Jay Belke 
Exchange student
Biology 1996


"I love Leeds - greatest years of my life (apart from my son arriving!) Although Peter Sutcliffe was on the go, the dental school was very aware about the female students getting home safely. It was a great time"

Fiona Robinson
Dentistry 1983


"As a mature student, my time at Leeds uni really was a transforming experience; just wish it had happened earlier in my life! Still look back on it as the best time of my life."

Richard Noake
Ecology 1996


"Thanks to the University of Leeds for empowering me with the coveted skills that I've continued to apply both in my professional and personal life, as well! Long live the University of Leeds!"

Chris Olola
MSc Information Systems 1999


"Amazing environment and experience, which I couldn't have found elsewhere. Latest about me? UoL spirit still and forever!"

Kok Heo Teh
Electronic & Electrical Engineering 1999


"A decade has passed since Leeds, but Woodhouse Lane always holds a special nostalgia."

Chirag Pandya
MSc Food Science 2002


"Leeds means alot to me. I experienced so many new things in Leeds...made such good friends...loved my stay at Leeds...and also I cherish every bit of it....:)"

Shivani Bagaria
Design 2011


"Leeds has been a great place to study, because it offers a bit of everything. The town is big yet small enough, with many places to party yet enough places to just chill, with a great University that has taught me so much in my four years of study!

Christopher Schuster
German and International Relations 2012


"Leeds University gave me the best three years of my life! I loved every moment of it and I have great memories of being on campus (studying in Eddy B, walking along red route) and have made friends for life. Thanks Leeds!"

Isabella Cheung
Psychology 2012


"Going to Leeds Uni was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I went there from Spain to do my PhD in Physics. The department and people I shared office with we're incredible. I still keep in contact with them. Life in Leeds was great."

Ignacio de la Calle
PhD Physics and Astronomy 2003


"Leeds occupies a special place in my Life. ... "The Game Changer" towards shaping up my career. LUBS has been the centre of multicultural society and collaborative learning. Rich heritage and the famous Yorkshire pride and lots of fun!"

Ratnesh Kumar
MBA 2003



  • Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President EMEA, Facebook (English Literature & Theatre Studies 1992)
    "Leeds University changed me forever. I met my husband, made lifelong friends, and the wonderful experiences really prepared me for the next steps in an exciting journey. Brilliant times and superb memories!"
  • Bekele Geleta, Former Secretary General, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (MA Transport Studies 1974, Honorary LLD 2009)
    "This university gave me perspective and understanding. From its wise teachers I learned to question assumptions and how to counter prejudice in all its many forms."
  • Ben Winston, Producer and Director, known for One Direction: This Is Us (2013), One Direction: A Year in the Making (2011) and The Late Late Show with James Corden (2015). (Broadcasting Studies 2004)
    "I really enjoyed my time at Leeds, it was a wonderful three years and a great head start in the industry"
  • V Craig Jordan OBE, Father of breast cancer drug Tamoxifen and former member of the SAS (BSc Pharmacy & Pharmacology 1969, PhD Pharmacology 1973, DSc Pharmocology 1985, Honorary DMed 2001)
    "Leeds changed my life. The environment of free research inquiry laid the scientific foundation that has benefited millions of women throughout the world."
  • Samuel Kargbo, Director of Health Systems, Policy, Planning and Information in the in Ministry of Health & Sanitation of Sierra Leone (Masters in Public Health 2005)
    "Before Leeds I often thought the challenges facing me in Sierre Leone were insurmountable. Now I can climb the mountains."
  • Alice Levine, BBC Radio 1 DJ (English Language 2008)
    "I met some of my best friends, had some of my best adventures, and I don't think without joining the student television society, LSTV, I would be working in TV and radio now. It was an amazing way to meet like-minded people and channel our creativity."
  • The Right Honorable Jack Straw, Former Home Secretary and Secretary of State (LLB Law 1967, Honorary LLD 1999)
    "Leeds was the making of me. I owe the University an inestimable debt of gratitude. I learnt a lot of law and I learnt even more about life. But the great thing is that it has built on the strengths I enjoyed in the sixties, and is even better today."
  • Ben Ib, Animator, Video and Commercial director (Fine Art 1997)
    "These were the best years of my life...I met some amazing people at that time. I have a group of friends from Leeds University days and we all meet up quite regularly."
  • Kenton Cool, Record-holding mountain climber (Geological Sciences 1994)
    "It’s hard to explain the energy that I felt when I was at Leeds. It was all encompassing. Leeds Uni was where I found myself and formed friendships that still run deep. I was shown that you didn’t have to become a lawyer or a doctor to be respected."
  • Anita Rani, Television and radio presenter (Broadcasting 2000)
    "From the excellent academic facilities, including the inspiring library which I loved spending time in, to the thumping heartbeat of the city, there's something for everyone at Leeds and I have very fond memories."
  • Peter Robinson, Novelist (English 1974, DLitt 2009)
    "As an unemployed young man, I wanted to study English so I could fulfil my dream of becoming a writer. A university education didn't seem a viable option until I came here and had a chat with the head of English, who set the wheels in motion."
  • Corinne Bailey Rae, Grammy-winning musician (English Language & Literature 2000, Honorary DMus 2011)
    "I loved being a student. To be part of an intelligent, bohemian community full of fresh ideas was wonderful. It was also both challenging and educational to meet so many new types of people... "
  • Professor Dr Surabhi Banerjee, first female Vice-Chancellor in India (MA English 1976)
    "My experiences as a student in Leeds taught me to reinvent myself and redefine the true meaning of education. It made me more innovative, more creative and definitely more confident."
  • Timothy Allen, Photographer (Zoology 1992)
    "Going to Leeds was like the beginning of my life. I went to what is considered a very good school but it was like being in the Dark Ages. When I got to Leeds I met people that were like me."

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