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Leeds Alumni Quiz Challenge

Sunday 31 May 2020
20:00pm -21:00pm (GMT+1)


Bookings for this event have now closed


Question: The Christmas version of University Challenge 2019 was won by a Leeds alumni team, captained by Reverend Richard Coles. Name the other three members of the team.

Think you know it? That bodes well for the Leeds Alumni Quiz Challenge on Sunday 31st May.

Reversing their roles for this special alumni event, join University Challenge winners Reverend Richard Coles, Tim Allen, Jonathan Clements and Henry Gee, alongside other prominent Leeds alumni for an evening of fun and trivia as they host our first ever virtual Leeds Alumni Quiz Challenge.

Fancy testing your knowledge and reminiscing over your uni days? This free event is open to all Leeds alumni, so call your old flatmates, make sure you know your Brotherton from your Edward Boyle, sign up, and join us at 8pm on Sunday 31st May.

During this uncertain time we are so pleased to bring the alumni community together for the Alumni Quiz Challenge. The quiz will also be an opportunity to learn more about our 2020 Student Support Fund.  Please take a moment to see how hundreds of alumni, like you, are supporting students facing financial hardship as a result of Covid 19. Alumni support at this time is a true reflection of the compassion and strength of our community. Thank you.

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