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Meet the Researchers: Cultural Connections

Summer 2020 series

Tuesday 4 August - Creative Labs

Thursday 13 August - Return

Tuesday 18 August - Changing the Story

Thursday 20 August - Land Lines

This webinar series celebrates the interdisciplinary nature of the arts. The talks are inspired by the Leeds Cultural Institute, which nurtures partnerships between art professionals, researchers and students from all disciplines.

Professor Frank Finlay, Dean of Cultural Engagement and Director of the Cultural Institute, will host all four webinars.

Book your place here for one or more of the webinars or follow the links below for further information about each event.

Creative Labs Bragg Centre Edition, Tuesday 4 August, 12:30 - 13:15

Professor Lorna Dougan and Dr Scott McLaughlin will introduce the amazing work that happens at the Leeds Creative Labs. Dr Caitlin Stobie and Dr Paul Beales, an artist-scientist collaborative pair, will then share their Blurred Lines: Life, Matter, Poetry project to consider the blurred lines between living and non-living matter.

Return - connecting diaspora across continents, Thursday 13 August, 12:30 - 13:15

Return (pictured) is an interactive installation that creates a sense of shared space and emotive connection between virtual users. Artist Akeelah Bertram will expand on the concept and vision of this project, particularly focusing on how cultural connections in the African diaspora can be fostered across a range of locations.

Changing the Story, Tuesday 18 August, 12:30 - 13:15

Professor Paul Cooke and PhD student Katie Hodgkinson will talk about the major international project Changing the Story, a four-year project which asks how the arts, heritage and human rights education can support youth-centred approaches to civil society building in post-conflict settings across the world.

Land Lines - nature writing on and off the page, Thursday 20 August, 12:30 - 13:15

Professor David Higgins and Dr Pippa Marland from the School of English will discuss the Land Lines project which looks at the historical development and resurgence of modern British nature writing. 

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