Leeds alumni events replay

From research talks and professional networking to social gatherings and international get togethers, re-watch or catch up on our Leeds alumni events and webinars here.


November 2021: Meet the Researchers: Immersive Technology - Virtual reality and pro-environmental behaviour

Virtual reality has recently started to be used as a tool to generate empathy and raise awareness for issues such as the impact of climate change. But can immersive technology translate into pro-environment and climate mitigating behaviour?

November 2021: Meet the Researchers: Immersive Technology - Using virtual and immersive technologies in cultural institutions

Museums, memorial sites and other cultural institutions are starting to use virtual reality to deepen visitor understanding. But what potential does this have and what ethical implications are involved?

November 2021: Meet the Researchers: Immersive Technology - Digital Makers - Today’s school children, tomorrow’s digital leaders

Digital Makers is equipping Bradford’s schools with the knowledge and insight they need to transform their digital education landscape. So how can immersive technology help us avoid a country-wide digital skills shortage disaster?

November 2021: Meet the Researchers: Immersive Technology - Extending reality for tomorrow’s doctors

Restricted hours and the ongoing COVID pandemic has placed a sharp focus on supplementing training for healthcare professionals. So what is immersive technology capable of in clinical practice and training and how do we make it happen?

September 2021: Starting your Career: Things I wish I'd known after graduating

Seb Taylor is a Principal Recruitment Consultant with 8 years experience in both the Supply Chain and Recruitment industry. In this session, Seb will share the things he wishes he'd known after graduating and discuss key themes and tips across career prospects, recruitment, job searching and CV writing.

September 2021: Why value the Arts?

During this webinar we introduce you to the work of the Centre for Cultural Value. Based at the University, this national research centre is making academic research more accessible to those working in cultural organisations and is championing more rigorous ways of evaluating the impact of arts and culture.

June 2021: Starting your Career: Alternative ways to look for work

Beth Hancock works as a Recruitment Consultant at Headway Recruitment in Leeds. At this session, she’ll talk about her experiences job hunting as a recent graduate and alternative ways of looking for work including using recruitment agencies, the value of temporary work and using LinkedIn.

April 2021: What's next for wellbeing as we transition from life in a pandemic?

In this session Leeds alumna Leyla Okhai, CEO and Founder of Diverse Minds, will explore the key pressure points and the lessons that have been learnt to enable recovery as we transition from life in a pandemic. What could the future of wellbeing look like as we very slowly start to emerge?

March 2021: Meet the Researchers: Achieving Net-Zero - Community funding for the climate crisis

Local authorities are on the front line of a just transition to net-zero. With normal borrowing channels hit hard by regulatory changes and COVID-19, alternative sources of funding are needed now. In this talk, learn about the research and plans to help move money for people and planet.

March 2021: Meet the Researchers: Achieving Net-Zero - Using carbon capture to clean up industry

Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) is essential if we are to reach net-zero CO2 emissions and avoid catastrophic climate change. In this webinar, discover a fundamentally new approach for separating CO2 out of the emissions of large-scale point source emitters such as power stations and from industrial processes.

March 2021: Meet the Researchers: Achieving Net-Zero - Driving down transport emissions

Transport is responsible for over a quarter of global CO2 emissions and these emissions have been rising. This webinar will set out what needs to be done to ensure we go from zero progress to zero emissions in the next three decades.

March 2021: Meet the Researchers: Achieving Net-Zero - Capturing carbon through UK woodlands

Tree planting and landscape restoration are widely recognised as being part of society’s response to mitigating climate change. However, creating and restoring forests is far from simple. Hear how researchers are exploring the ability of new and existing woodlands to help achieve net-zero emissions.

February 2021: COVID-19 and the Faculty of Medicine and Health

Nearly 12 months after the UK entered the first, of what would be a series of national COVID-19 lockdowns, this webinar explores the impact and realities of the pandemic for the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

November 2020: Leeds Alumni Voices with Col Needham

IMDb Founder and CEO Col Needham (Computer Science 1988) shares how he transformed his love for films into being an internet pioneer.

November 2020: Leeds Media Group: How has 2020 changed the media?

Watch our 14th event for Leeds alumni working in the media industries turned virtual. Hear our distinguished Leeds alumni panel members Kamal Ahmed, Anna Doble, David Walmsley and Laura Wilshaw share their thoughts on How has 2020 changed the media?

September 2020: Leeds Alumni Voices with Rupa Ganguli

Leeds alumni and entrepreneur Rupa Gunguli discusses 'Sustainability through everyday fashion and lifestyle choices' and what her company inclusivetrade.com is doing to provide an ethical alternative to fast fashion.

September 2020: Starting your Career: How to choose a career and setting goals

Sampurna Maitra is an international graduate of the University of Leeds with five years’ experience in recruitment and HR positions in the UK and India. At this session, she’ll cover career planning and how to choose a career, how to set and meet appropriate goals, and job searching as a recent graduate.

September 2020: Starting your Career: Job hunting as a recent graduate

Danielle Buckland works as a Consultant at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. At this session, Danielle talks about her experiences as a recent graduate and how she got into her role, where to look for jobs, what the in-demand skills employers are looking for at the moment are, and what graduates can do to stand out.

August 2020: Meet the Researchers: Cultural Connections – Land Lines – Nature writing on and off the page

Professor David Higgins and Dr Pippa Marland discuss the Land Lines project and the resurgence of modern British nature writing.

August 2020: Meet the Researchers: Cultural Connections – Changing the Story

Professor Paul Cooke and PhD student Katie Hodgkinson discuss the major international project Changing the Story and some of the youth-centred approaches to civil society building in post-conflict settings across the world.

August 2020: Meet the Researchers: Cultural Connections – Return – Connecting diaspora across continents

Akeelah Bertram discusses how her interactive installation ‘Return’ brings art and history together to tell the story of diaspora across continents.

August 2020: Meet the Researchers: Cultural Connections – Creative Labs Bragg Centre Edition

Professor Lorna Dougan and Dr Scott McLaughlin introduce how artists and humanities scholars are working with cutting-edge materials researchers to challenge traditional, discipline-specific views.

August 2020: India alumni event

In our first online event for alumni in India, join staff from the Leeds and South Asia teams as they share some interesting updates on the Leeds community, city, campus, research and alumni activity, and also officially launch the Alumni In India WhatsApp group.

May 2020: The Big (Virtual) Get Together: University of Leeds alumni sustainability leaders

Hear from Leeds alumni about their careers, approaches to leading in the COVID-19 crisis, what gives them hope for a better tomorrow and of course about their time at Leeds!

May 2020: Leeds alumni quiz challenge

Join University Challenge winners and other prominent Leeds alumni for fun and trivia in our first ever virtual quiz.

April 2020: Meet the Researchers: Our Future Food – Mapping the Leeds urban food system

Professor Caroline Orfila investigates how the physical, biological and cultural fabric of Leeds influences the food habits, health and wellbeing of its citizens.

April 2020: Meet the Researchers: Our Future Food – Smart agriculture

Professor Steven Banwart looks at the competing demands of increasing farming productivity to tackle a growing world population while reducing the environmental impact of farming practices.