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LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jane E Featherstone 30/05/2018  
Name: Jane Featherstone
Degree: German and History 1991
Description: TV producer; founder of Sister Pictures; former Chief Executive of Kudos and Co-chairman of Shine UK.
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Benjamin A Roberts 18/11/2014  
Name: Ben Roberts
Degree: English Language & Literature 1997
Description: Deputy Chief Executive of Film Fund, British Film Institute
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alice E Levine 06/03/2013  
Name: Alice Levine
Degree: English Language 2008
Description: Presenter, BBC radio 1, part of "My Dad Wrote a Porno" with Jamie Morton (Communications Studies 2008) and James Cooper (History 2008)
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Anita R Nazran 29/08/2012  
Name: Anita Rani
Degree: Broadcasting 2000
Description: Television presenter, BBC; Countryfile, The One Show
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ronald A Pickup 31/08/2012  
Name: Ronald Pickup
Degree: English 1962
Description: Actor; Shakespearean and film and television roles
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Wayne McGregor 13/06/2013  
Name: Wayne McGregor CBE
Degree: Bretton Hall Performance & Cultural Industries 1991
Description: Choreographer of contemporary modern dance; founder and Artistic Director of Studio Wayne McGregor, Resident Choreographer, The Royal Ballet
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Benjamin Winston 29/08/2012  
Name: Ben Winston
Degree: Broadcasting 2004
Description: Television/film director and producer, producer of The Late Late Show with James Corden
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Holliday Grainger 11/05/2016  
Name: Holliday Grainger
Degree: English ND
Description: Screen and stage actress
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Tim A Lihoreau 22/07/2015  
Name: Tim Lihoreau
Degree: Music 1986
Description: Presenter, Classic FM
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nancy Stone-Fewings 24/06/2015  
Name: Nancy Carroll
Degree: Fine Art 1997
Description: Stage actress
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Chris W Pine 29/08/2012  
Name: Chris Pine
Degree: English exchange student 2001
Description: Hollywood actor; films include Star Trek, Jack Ryan, People Like Us
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Kwadjo Dajan 16/05/2014  
Name: Kwadjo Dajan
Degree: Communications Studies 2000
Description: Television producer, BAFTA winner
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Elizabeth M Kershaw 29/08/2012  
Name: Liz Kershaw
Degree: Textile Management 1978
Description: Presenter, BBC 6 Music
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ben N Ib 06/03/2013  
Name: Ben Ib
Degree: Fine Art 1997
Description: Music and television video director; clients include Paul McCartney, Madonna, Robbie Williams
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Alistair C McGowan 29/08/2012  
Name: Alistair McGowan
Degree: English 1986
Description: Actor; impressionist
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Barry C Cryer 29/08/2012  
Name: Barry Cryer OBE
Degree: English ND 1958
Description: Comedian; writer
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Omar Y Madha 29/08/2012  
Name: Omar Madha
Degree: English 1990
Description: Television director
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Stephen A Shill 29/08/2012  
Name: Steve Shill
Degree: Fine Art 1980
Description: Television/film director; actor; screenwriter; television producer
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