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Prominent alumni - Business and industry

Leeds prominent businessperson Angel Gurria

Which notable people in business and industry went to Leeds?

LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Amanda J Blanc 01/10/2018  
Name: Amanda Blanc
Degree: MBA 1999
Description: Chair of the Association of British Insurers
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Martin A Scicluna 07/05/2019  
Name: Martin Scicluna
Degree: Accounting 1973, Hon LLD 2008
Description: Chairman, J Sainsbury and RSA Insurance Group
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Caroline M Abel 07/10/2019  
Name: Caroline Abel
Degree: Economic Studies 1999
Description: Governor, Central Bank of Seychelles
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Manar M Al Hinai 31/05/2019  
Name: Manar Al Hinai
Degree: MA Global Development 2009
Description: Marketing consultant; Arab Woman of the Year 2011; winner, British Council Alumni Award 2018
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Nancy Cruickshank 07/10/2019  
Name: Nancy Cruickshank
Degree: History 1993
Description: SVP Digital Business Transformation, Carlsberg Group
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Stephen W Daintith 29/08/2012  
Name: Stephen Daintith
Degree: Economics and Accounting 1985
Description: Chief Financial Officer, Rolls-Royce plc
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Felicity Howard-Allen 07/10/2019  
Name: Flic Howard-Allen
Degree: English 1982
Description: Chief Communications Officer, Easyjet
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Ryan M Kohn 07/10/2019  
Name: Ryan Kohn
Degree: Management and Philosophy 2005
Description: Co-founder, Propercorn
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Tsz Yan Kong 07/10/2019  
Name: Tsz Yan (Joey) Kong
Degree: MBA 2014
Description: Managing Director, Ma Petite J Bespoke Jewellery Company
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Irvine A Laidlaw 07/10/2019  
Name: Irvine Laidlaw
Degree: Economics 1963
Description: Businessman; benefactor, Laidlaw Library
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Rachel Lord 07/10/2019  
Name: Rachel Lord
Degree: International History and Politics 1987
Description: Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, BlackRock
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Dirk Mischendahl 07/10/2019  
Name: Dirk Mischendahl
Degree: Psychology 1994
Description: Founder, Northern Bloc icecream; founder, Northern Art Prize
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Daniel Rajkumar 07/10/2019  
Name: Daniel Rajkumar
Degree: Computing and Management 2002
Description: Founder and Managing Director,
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jennifer V Riria 07/10/2019  
Name: Jennifer Riria
Degree: MA Education 1979
Description: Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Women Holding Group
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Jonathan Sanderson 07/10/2019  
Name: Jonathan Sanderson
Degree: Goldman Sachs ND
Description: Director, Corecom Consulting
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Roger M Whiteside 14/01/2019  
Name: Roger Whiteside OBE
Degree: Economics 1979
Description: Chief Executive Officer, Greggs
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent James G Williams 07/10/2019  
Name: James Williams
Degree: Law 2001
Description: Co-founder, Ivy Venture Partners; CEO, Mayweather Boxing and Fitness
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Glenn Miles 31/05/2019  
Name: Glenn Miles
Degree: Zoology 1981
Description: Director, General Services Department at The World Bank
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Peter S Cross 13/06/2013  
Name: Peter Cross
Degree: French and Management Studies 1988
Description: Customer Experience Director, John Lewis Partnership
LAO Personal Notes - Prominent Rakesh R Sinha 11/05/2016  
Name: Rakesh Sinha
Degree: Chemical Engineering 1991
Description: Chief Financial Officer, PureCircle
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