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The Big Get Together in Asia (South East)

The Big Get Together

Find out what get togethers are taking place in Asia (South East) and how you can get involved in our biggest alumni event.


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A Big Get Together in Jakarta

Niken Kinanti Suryanto (MSc International Marketing Management 2016) and Dimitri Wirjowerdojo (Nanotechnology (Chemical) 2016) organised a BGT on Saturday 23 March where alumni and friends met for a relaxed lunch at Sate Khas Senayan in Jakarta.


A Big Get Together in Kota Kinabalu

Chinn Yuan Chua (Law 2010) organised a BGT on Saturday 23 March where alumni enjoyed an evening of food, drinks and quizzing at Woo Cafe, Kota Kinabalu.


A Big Get Together in Metro Manila

Jondi Flavier (MA Health Management Planning and Policy 1997) and alumni in the Metro Manila area met up at the British Council offices, followed by drinks at a nearby pub, on Thursday 21 March.


A Big Get Together in Singapore

Alex Yew (Computer Science and Physics 1996) and alumni in Singapore met up for drinks and networking at Amazon's head office on Thursday 21 March.


A Big Get Together in Ho Chi Minh City

Jiani Yu (International Business and Marketing 2017) organised a BGT lunch at the Mekong Merchant on Sunday 24 March where alumni met and looked back at their time at Leeds.

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