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The Big Get Together in Asia (East)

The Big Get Together

Find out what get togethers are taking place in Asia (East) and how you can get involved in our biggest alumni event.


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A Big Get Together in Beijing

Vicky Yan (MSc International Business 2013), Jasmine Wang (MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences 2016), Lynn Xu (MA Human Resource Management 2016), Kara He (MA International Communications 2015) and Caroline Sun (MSc International Business 2012) met with other alumni on Saturday 23 March at the, Liangshi Brewing, Liangmaqiao, Beijing.

A Big Get Together in Chengdu

Louisa Luo (MSc Geographical Information Systems 2015) and Sophie Xi (MA Human Resource Management 2011) were joined by other Leeds alumni for a one-day hiking trip on Saturday 23 March. After the walk alumni enjoyed a meal at the Starbucks flagship, Taikoo Li.

A Big Get Together in Guangzhou

Jeremy Sargent (Modern Chinese Studies 1990) and other Leeds alumni took part in an 'amazing race' around Guangzhou with fun tasks along the way on Saturday 23 March. The afternoon concluded with a buffet dinner and drinks at The Happy Monk in JianWu.

A Big Get Together in Hefei

Lili Wu (MA International Journalism 2009) and other Leeds alumni met up to talk about their life and work  at the Feicui Lake Yingbin Hotel on Saturday 23 March.

A Big Get Together in Shanghai

Mo Zhou (MSc International Business 2014) and Calvin Li (MA Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 2016) and follow Leeds alumni met for a cocktail at Trio in the French Concession area on Saturday 23 March.

A Big Get Together in Shenzhen

Lisha Chen (MA Human Resource Management 2017) and Kayla Chen (MSc Accounting and Finance 2013) organised a BGT on Saturday 23 March at Gaga Chef where alumni enjoyed a quiz and games over dinner, followed by a Leeds storytelling session.

A Big Get Together in Wuhan

Yanquan Deng (MA TESOL Studies 2015) and fellow Leeds alumni met for an afternoon at a werewolf themed board game bar on Saturday 23 March.

A Big Get Together in Xiamen

Haoting Huang (Human Resource Management 2014) and Xinyue Zheng (MA Media Industries 2014) organiserd an afternoon playing table games at Costa Coffee café on Sunday 24 March.

A Big Get Together in Xi'an

Wei Liu (MSc International Marketing Management 2018) invited Leeds alumni to join her for warm drink at the Hoo Cafe in Xi’An on Sunday 24 March.

Hong Kong

A Big Get Together in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Alumni Association organised a hike close to the city for their BGT, followed by social drinks near the park.


A Big Get Together in Tokyo

Akira Morishita (MA Advertising and Design 2015) and Akina Masuda (Language Pathway 2008) organised a BGT on Sunday 24 March where alumni and friends enjoyed food, drinks and darts at Bee Shinjuku in Tokyo.


A Big Get Together in Taipei

Sanders Chen (MBA 2012) and Chen Kang Lan (MSc International Finance 2009) organised a BGT on Saturday 23 March at the Little Dong-Dong Science Theme Park where alumni and friends enjoyed a snowboarding class and BBQ.


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