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The Big Get Together in America (South and Central)

The Big Get Together

Find out what get togethers are taking place in America (South and Central) and how you can get involved in our biggest alumni event.


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A Big Get Together in Buenos Aires

Natalia Pecoraro (MA Political Communication 2016) and Daniela Ottolenghi (MA Technology, Education and Learning 2018) organised a BGT at The Shanghai Dragon on Friday 22 March where alumni met and networked over drinks.


A Big Get Together in São Paulo

Guilherme Souza (Environmental Studies 2013) and alumni in São Paulo met up over drinks after work at the Republic Pub, Rua Delfina on Thursday 21 March.


A Big Get Together in Santiago de Chile

Diego Ignacio Silva Lopez (MSc Transport Planning 2017) and Daniela Puente Mayagoitia (MA Social and Public Policy 2017) organised a BGT on Friday 22 March at the Saint George Pub where alumni met over drinks.


A Big Get Together in Georgetown

Kerry Anne Cort (Geographical Information Systems 2016) organised a BGT at the Seawall Bandstand on Saturday 23 March where alumni caught up over lunch.


A Big Get Together in Guadalajara

Emmanuel Jimenez (Civil Engineering 2015), Ramiro Gonzalez Monray (Chemical & Process Engineering 2017) and alumni in Guadalajara met up over drinks at Cervecería La Blanca on Thursday 21 March.

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