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The Big Get Together in Africa

The Big Get Together

Find out what get togethers are taking place in Africa and how you can get involved in our biggest alumni event.


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A Big Get Together in Accra

Robert Quaye (MSc Transport Planning and Engineering 2009) and Kofi Anaman (MSc Environmental Engineering and Project Management 2009) met with other Leeds alumni on Friday 22 March at the Terrace Bar, Alisa Swiss Spirit Hotel, Accra.


A Big Get Together in Nairobi

Ruth Wanyoike (MA Corporate Communications and Public Relations 2017) and Kubai Gachau (MSc Actuarial Finance 2012) met with Leeds alumni for a board game social  on Saturday 23 March at Bao Box, Nairobi.


A Big Get Together in Lilongwe

Enock Kondowe (MSc Economics and Finance 2013) met with fellow alumni for luncheon at Eden Estate on Saturday 23 March.


A Big Get Together in Abuja

Edidiong Amos (Geographical Information Systems 2012) and Judith Edosa (Law 2008) and other Leeds alumni met for an interactive hangout with outdoor activities on Saturday 23 March at The Pepper Grill, Abuja.

A Big Get Together in Lagos

Timi Fadairo (Economics and Finance 2014) and other Leeds alumni enjoyed an afternoon at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos with board games, snacks and great conversations on Saturday 23 March.

A Big Get Together in Port Harcourt

Jioke Peters (MSc Oilfield Corrosion Engineering) and fellow alumni enjoyed a fun afternoon at the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park on Sunday 24 March.

South Africa

A Big Get Together in Johannesburg

Aki Suzuki (MA East Asian Regional Development 2009) and Zhu Yuan (International Business 2015) met with other Leeds alumni for lunch and drinks on Thursday 21 March at the Sale e Pepe Da Giovanni, Sandton.


A Big Get Together in Dar es Salaam

Deogratius Mkude (MSc Banking and International Finance 2014) met up with fellow Leeds alumni for a late afternoon hangout to catch up over food and drinks on Saturday 23 March at Kudeta-Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam.


A Big Get Together in Kampala

Chris Byaruhanga (MSc Transport Planning and Engineering 2012) met with fellow alumni over food, drinks and live music Friday 22 March at the Paradise Grill, Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

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