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The Big Get Together in Asia (East)

The Big Get Together

Find out what get togethers are taking place in Asia (East) and how you can get involved in our biggest alumni event.


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A Big Get Together in Beijing

Vicky Yan (MSc International Business 2013), Min Yang (MA Advertising and Marketing 2014) and Bart Feng (MSc Management 2014) organised a special Leeds alumni gathering with games, drinks and souvenirs on Saturday 16 September.

A Big Get Together in Shanghai

Helen Wang (MBA 2010), Song Lu (MSc International Marketing Management 2010) and James Shen (PhD Textile Industries 1991) held a networking dinner at he Big Bamboo Restaurant on Saturday 16 September. 

A Big Get Together in Chengdu

Louisa Luo (MSc Geographical Information Systems 2015) and Doris Mond (MA TESOL 2013) held a relaxing BGT in a small city cottage in Chengdu on Sunday 17 September.   

A Big Get Together in Guangzhou

Jeremy Sargent (Modern Chinese Studies 1990) organised a Leeds Alumni Scavenger Hunt around Guangzhou followed by food and drink at The Happy Monk.

A Big Get Together in Xiamen

Haoting Huang (MA Human Resource Management 2014) and Xinyue Zeng (MA Media Industries 2014) organised a gathering for Leeds alumni at Costa Coffee on  Saturday 16 September. 

Hong Kong

A Big Get Together in Hong Kong

Lorraine Choy (Visual Communications 2001) organised a tutored meditating yoga session for alumni in Hong Kong on Saturday 16 September.


A Big Get Together in Tokyo

Akihiko Suzuki (MA East Asian Regional Development 2009) organised  and alumni dinner at Terra Australias in central Tokyo on Saturday 16 September. 


A Big Get Together in Seoul

Brahms Jeong (MSc Sustainability 2010), Mi-Sung An (MA Design 2011), and Kenny Bae (MA Communications Studies 2002) organised an informal alumni gathering at Broughton's Bar in the British Embassy in Seoul.


A Big Get Together in Taipei

Sanders Chen (MBA 2012) organised a  BBQ party in the beautiful parklands at Queen Town on Saturday 16 September .


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